Friday, May 11, 2007


Having surgery today to repair some torn cartilage in my hip. Prayers are appreciated. I'm going to be a drugged up couch potato for about a week. Don't know if I will be doing much blogging during that time. Till then, Peacce.

Litany of Saints for Doctors.

St. Luke, Pray for us.
St. Bartholomew, Pray for us.
St. Cosmos, Pray for us.
St. Damian, Pray for us.
All Doctors of the Church, Pray for us. (this is my favorite line.... Hey, I'm a Theo grad student.)
All Holy Men and Women, Pray for us.
All Angels and Saint, Pray for us.
Mary guiding star of the sea, pray for us.


Sister Brittany said...

That makes me cringe just thinking about it. I will definitely send some prayers your way!

Anonymous said...

Many prayers for the doctors and for your speedy recovery.

Theotokos, cover him with your mantle and protect him from any adversity.

We need him to feed the sheep.

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