Sunday, May 06, 2007

Tired Of Liturgical Abuses?

Tired of Liturgical Abuses? Then try the Liturgical Abuse Seat Saver. Simply place the Seat Saver on your chair, pew, or seat when you see or know when a liturgical abuse is about to occur and simply step out for a moment. Upon stepping out, please remember that you are still in the context of the mass, so cell phone use and other distractions are strongly frowned upon. We at the Pontifical Office of the Liturgical Police suggest that you either use the restroom and cool down/refresh yourself if the abuses you experience really get you fired up or to simply go to the back of the church and pray fervently for the conversion of heart for said abusive priest. Once the abuses have ended, simply return to you seat, collect your sign, and resume your normal participation in the mass.

The Liturgical Abuse Seat Saver is a free product from the Pontifical Office of the Liturgical Police. Please use freely and as often as needed.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by over at Into the Deep. Glad you enjoyed the photo of the indomitable Irish spirit in action.

This "Liturgical Abuse Seat Saver" thingy is a good idea... just before Easter at a parish in our diocese (where I was visiting) the Priest led the Faithful in this gem: "... through Him, all things were made. For each of us, and for our salvation, He came down from heaven..."

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