Monday, May 07, 2007

Top 10 Catholic Pickup Lines

10. Would you light my votive candle?
9. You have the most beautiful scapular brown eyes.
8. WOW! You remind me of the girl from Proverbs 31.
7. Excuse me, I couldn't help noticing how modest you look in your ankle length dress.
6. Why don't we blow this joint and go to adoration?
5. Do you confess here often?
4. Pardon me, but you have my rib.
3. Is anyone kneeling here?
2. Hey baby, I just figured out that I'm not called to be a priest.
1. Would you go to youth night with me?

Hat Tip to my friend Sam "The Mexican".


Your host said...

Ha ha. I've seen most of those around before, but #4 is new and (warning: bad pun incoming) rib-tickling.

Jeff Miller said...

The original list was written by Patrick Madrid in Envoy Magazine.

Paul Cat said...

It was emailed to me missing #4. So I made up one. :)

Anonymous said...

#8 and #3 are the same! It's a good line, but not that good.

Paul Cat said...

Thanks, I didn't realize that. It has been fixed.

PBXVI said...


Anonymous said...

i wonder how a girl would react to these. and where is the girl's list? why not someone come up with a list of catholic girl shut downs, unless that would be too mean then i retract my statement.

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