Thursday, May 31, 2007

Vacation Bible Schools You Should Avoid

So, you are thinking about sending your child to a vacation bible school this summer. Your child will learn about Jesus, the Bible, make crafts and art, and maybe even learn a neat sing along. However, not all vacation bible schools are created equal. If you find yourself not able to decide which vacation bible school to send your child to this year, here is a list of vacation bible school themes and names that you might want to avoid:
1. Whiskey, Wine, and Jesus
2. Son-Tanning with Christ
3. Making Baby Jesus Cry
4. Shipwrecked and Nobody Cares.
5. Fire is Fun (or Playing With Matches is Fun)
6. Wedding of Canna: the After Party.
7. You Have Offended Me, and Now You Must Die.
8. Trees Are People Too.
9. The Green Thumb Jesus.
10. Brokeback Bible
11. Adam and Steve, Amy and Eve
12. The Gospel According to Luke Skywalker
13. Peter, Paul, and Mary Hum the Bible
14. Streaking for Christ
15. Holy War! Holy Crap!
16. Jesus Loves You, but Everyone Else Thinks You’re A Jerk.
17. Deliver Us Some E-mail
18. Burying the Dead
19. The Bad Attitudes … uhh Beatitudes
20. How to Believe in the Idea of Jesus.
21. The Rick James Version.
22. Bible Beatings.
23. A Woman’s Place is in the Kitchen, bare foot and pregnant.
24. Best Friends: Buddha and Jesus.
25. Shut Up! I Do What I Want!
26. Michael Jackson Explains the Bible.
If your church uses any of the above VBS programs, just walk away.

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