Friday, June 15, 2007

How do You View Christ and Christians?

Remember, you might be the only Christian a person will ever meet, and first impressions are crucial. At least, it is nice to see that people think nicely of Christ, but it is sad to see how poorly they think of His followers. It really bothers me that people would think that I am crazy, radical, irrational, or extreme by the mere fact that I am Christian. I bet they have never met a real Christian, only people claiming to be Christians.

This Comes from a friend through email, but also via Martha, Martha. Don't forget to check out the Combox on the site too.

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D'artagnan said...

Once, after mentioning I was pro-life, a co-worker said "Your the people who blow up abortion clinics"

I responded" we are???, Woe, have I been slacking, I only pray at the clinics"

to which her, and others, all laughed, as they realized the stupidity of her media induced comment.


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