Saturday, June 09, 2007

New Car Law

Just purchased a NEW 2007 Toyota RAV 4. I wanted to go American, but all the American dealers in the area really let me down. So far I have been enjoying my 4 cylinder purchase and am finding every reason to drive. Need some bread? Why go around the corner when the store 50 miles across town will do just fine?

Anyway, 349 miles after my purchase I began to realize something. I learned something about car dealerships.

We've all heard of Murphy's Law. Well, here is New Car Law.
1. Whichever car you are looking at will be the best selling car in its class. Every dealer will make this claim about every car you test drive. (If this is true than every car has its own class.)
2. According to the dealer you are in, they will have the best prices in town.
3. American cars are better than foreign.
4. Foreign cars are better than American cars.
5. There is never a market in your area for your trade-in vehicle...regardless if you are trading in a nice work truck in a city that is in the process of being rebuilt and work trucks are in demand.
6. Whichever car you test drive, it will surely be the safer than the other models you have looked at...regardless as to what the government test ratings say.
7. Salespersons are hard of hearing. You will say one thing, and they will hear another.
You say, "I would like to look at this Camry over here. I won't be doing any heavy towing nor do I need to move large awkwardly shaped objects. I really don't care what people think of me."
The salesperson hears "Please. Please. Please. I need desperately to purchase the largest truck on the lot. The one with four wheel drive, a winch on the bumper and a monster deer crushing grill plastered on the front. The larger the engine and the lower the EPA the higher up I will be on the cool scale."
8. Young people know nothing and can be taken advantage of . . . the same applies to old people and middle-aged people. This holds more true to the people in midlife crisis.
9. Your credit is never good enough to get that really good interest rate they promise you. Even if all three credit bureaus lists your credit as Excellent and gives you a score of 800. You are wrong, and they are right.
10. Every car dealership is the same. Buy on-line. Less stress and cheaper prices.

If you have any more Laws you would like to add, feel free. This list is of course every short and incomplete.


Anonymous said...

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D'artagnan said...

Paul, it is even harder to deal with dealers, when you yourself is a salesman.
Luckily, my new CRV is company paid for, but I did hafta beg for a sunroof.
I picked mine up the same day I met y'all in DC, so that is partly to blame for me being a wee bit overly talkative that night.

Byzantine, TX said...

Never give them the keys to your old car to "take a look at your trade-in value" until you are sure you want to buy one of the dealer's cars. Getting those keys back can require some unkind words.

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