Saturday, July 28, 2007

Jesus and the Gospels

Ok, after a grueling 3 weeks of class, I finally finished with the majority of my classes. I manged to contract some sort of virus that I can't seem to shake -- lots of coughing and stuff, so I've been a little under the weather.

Anyway, The class that I enjoyed most was Jesus and the Gospels taught by Dr. Brant Pitre. Dr. Brant, if you aren't familiar with his methods, spent a good chunk of the class doing biblical exegesis from a Catholic perspective. He held true to the Catholic Church's teachings and documents on scripture, especially Dei Verbum and Sancta Mater Ecclesia, which proved scandalous to a number of the catholic students at a catholic university (What do you mean the Catholic Church is right and has research to prove it?). His area of expertise is Ancient Judaism and New Testament Studies; in other words, he looks to ancient Judaism to shed light, meaning, and context on the New Testament. I also learned how bad the cross references between the New Testament and the Old Testament are in my bible.

In short, taking a class from Dr. Brant is like learning to read the Gospels anew and having it actually make sense. I left my final yesterday feeling as if I had just read the Gospels for the first time.

Dr Brant is still working on a book on the Jewish Roots of the Eucharist. He told me a little bit about it and it sounds like a sure fire hit. He shared some things about his research, that he asked us not to repeat, that are phenomenal. It might be difficult to ignore the reality that the Eucharist might have its roots in ancient Judaism. Just Check out Exodus 24 and 25 and see if you can make the connections to the Last Supper. The kicker comes not from the internal biblical research but from external ancient Jewish writings.

Be sure to check out some of his bible studies. VERY reasonably priced. They are done by Catholic Productions.

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