Thursday, August 23, 2007

Book Review: "Reasons to Believe"

Anyone who is familiar with Scott Hahn’s writings or lectures will already be familiar with how “Reasons to Believe” reads. Not only is it written in his easy to read prose, but it also reads like Dr. Hahn speaks. So, no one should be afraid of reading Dr. Hahn’s latest book.

As the title suggests, Dr. Hahn gives a number of different reasons why a person should want to be a Christian. He divides the book into three sections: natural reason (philosophical), biblical reasons (theological), and royal reasons (theological). One thing is certain after reading this book is that Dr. Hahn’s forte is biblical studies. He might do well on his own with philosophy, but he tries to cover too much in a short amount of space in this book. However, what he does cover are the key philosophical arguments for believing in the Natural Law and God. He briefly delves into Aquinas, Pascal, Maritain, and others. Even though he tries to cover too much, the first section of Dr. Hahn’s book is a good summary and introduction to some of the philosophical reasons to believe for people who have no philosophy background.

The last two sections of the book are where Dr. Hahn shines. There is no doubt that he is more familiar in dealing with the bible than he is with philosophy. He spends a significant discussing the new Davidic kingdom and how the new testament, Gospel writers, early Christians, and Christ himself fit into the ancient Jewish expectation of the restoration of the Davidic kingdom. Specifically, Dr. Hahn is demonstrating this and drawing his examples by linking together the new and old testaments and showing how the old testament illuminates the new.

I recommend the book to people who are interested in a fresh, exciting, easy to read introduction to philosophy and biblical theology.

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Anonymous said...

I often read reviews before buying a book. You write "As the title suggests, Dr. Hahn gives a number of different reasons why a person should want to be a Christian." My question is who is Dr. Han trying to convert to Christianity? Atheists? Muslims? Dr. Han is Catholic. Catholics are all Christians, but not all Christians are Catholics. Perhaps you should correct the sentence to read Catholic. Your sister in Christ.

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