Saturday, August 11, 2007

Catholic/Christian Reject Lines.

We have all heard those Catholic Pick-up Lines by now. Here are some Catholic Reject Lines you can use in response. The lines are generic and aren't responding to any of the pickup like in particular.

Do you have any of your own Catholic/Christian reject lines that you use or heard?

Some Reject Lines in no particular order:

1. You'll have to speak with my God the Father.
2. I'm sorry. I already have a date with Jesus tonight.
3. I'd go out with you, but the Rapture is gonna happen at any second. (nothing like bad theology to scare someone away)
4. I'm discerning my Vocation.
5. I really think you might be called to the priesthood.
6. Woe unto thee, O thou son of a Philistine, for you will be cast onto a steaming dung-heap!
7. I don't think my mother (Mary) would approve.
8. I'm celibate.
9. I'd like to but I'm on my way to do penance right now.
10. You kind of remind me of Judas.
11. You're too nice, women hate that. (From The Musical Monk) -- this one always confuses me.
Guy: "But didn't you say to all your girlfriends that you wanted to find a 'nice guy'"
Girl: "Yeah, but you are just too nice."


D'artagnan said...

Sadly, a very nice cradle Catholic I had dated a few times, finally told me "You're too nice, women hate that"

It must have been grace, as I just laughed in response to the absurdity of that, although, this is DC?

Anonymous said...

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PraiseDivineMercy said...

A friend and I joked when the Left Behind novels were popular that it would be funny if the Protestants were right about the Rapture, but only the Catholics were taken. ^^

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