Friday, August 10, 2007

Introducing...Astonished, Yet at Home!

Tobias Danna has launched his own personal blog. He is calling it Astonished, Yet at Home! Tobias has written commentary for the LSU Revielle and came up with the idea for the Parousians. He always has something to say, and it is usually good too.

His first Post is certainly a good one. It is about Louisiana Congressman (and soon to be running for Governor of LA next election) Bobby Jindal and Exorcism (spiritual warfare). Apparently Jindal wrote an article recounting an experience he had in college for the New Oxford Review back in 1994 that, from the story, deals with demonic warfare and possible possession, and As Tobias points out -- as well as others bloggers -- Democrats and the far left are using the article against Jindal. It seems that democrats are afraid of having a Rhodes Scholar as Governor. I mean, they put up such a fuss about David Vitter and his Rhodes Scholar and Harvard degree tendencies.

I'll be posting something later about the Jindal Article(On the New Oxford Review site. To read the entire you need a subscription.). It is certainly worth the read, but I'm saying that because I am from Louisiana and Jindal will have an impact on my state.

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