Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Jesus' Glorified Body...a point of clarity.

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Sorry for the shortage of posts. I left the university this past Sunday, and I am slowly making my way back to Delaware. In the mean time, I decided to add a point of clarity to the post about Jesus' glorified body. The image was much of a joke. I don't think we get roids in heaven...that would be weird...and kind of funny to see angels striking muscle bulging poses as they thwart the devil, but by the time our bodies are glorified, the devil will have been defeated. So there might not be the need for St. Peter to pass out the roids as you enter the gates of heaven.

Anyway, this guy named St. Thomas Aquinas -- maybe you have heard of him -- wrote some stuff on our glorified bodies. He basically listed 4 properties of the glorified bodies: Impassibility, Subtility, Agility, and Clarity.

Impassibility -- The Body no longer suffers from the result of the fall: no sickness, illness, death, etc.
Subility -- Body not limited to time and space. It can move freely at the will of the Spirit.
Agility -- The Body can move with angelic (and abundant) speed, ease, grace and energy.
Clarity -- The splendor the appearance of the body will take at the resurrection. Think the Transfiguration of Christ. A radiant body.

I have heard from a couple of theologians that Christ's body contains a fifth property. I don't know the technical term but it has to do with Christ's body being able to take on the appearance of what He wills it to be like -- thus the possible reason why the couple on the road to Emaus did not recognize Christ when they saw Him. Their eyes were close because Christ looked different. Hmmm I wonder if this has any connection to the Eucharist and Transubstantiation.

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