Friday, August 31, 2007

Louisiana Needs an Exorcist for Governor

Michael Denton has a great little piece on how to solve all of Louisiana's problems: elect an exorcist for the next governor of Louisiana. He writes:
With the recent demons possessing Louisiana politicians like Democratic Rep. William Jefferson, Republican Sen. David Vitter and New Orleans Councilman Oliver Thomas, Louisiana should not elect an ordinary governor in 2007. We must move past the usual cast of politicians and businessmen if we want to cleanse Louisiana's soul of political corruption. We need an exorcist as governor.
If you're not up on Louisiana politics the suspects are as follows:
  1. William Jefferson -- Tied up in an international bribery case. The government found $90,000 in his freezer.
  2. David Vitter -- Caught up in a Washington sex scandal at the moment.
  3. Oliver Thomas -- also tied up in a federal bribery case.

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