Thursday, August 30, 2007

Pro-Life . . . is this being over looked?

Terri Schiavo will live in the memory of most Americans for a number a different reasons -- partly due to the national coverage she and her family received and the discussion her scenario started about living wills, right to life, death with dignity, and patient care (namely who actually has the authority over a patient's care).

Tobias Dana over at Astonished, Yet at Home! has been keeping us updated on another Right to life/Seamless garment of life/Natural life to Natural death/From Womb to Tomb story that made national news for a short period of time, but has been receiving less than adequate attention from Pro-Life media. It involves a Pro-Life Democratic Attorney General, 9 dead patients with lethal concoction of pain-killers found in their biopsies, a doctor charged with their care, and 5 medical experts who were not allowed to testify in favor of the 9 dead patients and their families. Click here for a series of stories from Tobias complete with links to media sources that are reporting on this story.

The case involves:
1. Physician's authority
2. Right of patient to life
3. Right the family has in care for a loved one.

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