Monday, August 13, 2007

LSU Tiger Stadium...The Scariest Place on Earth for an Opposing Team

I know we all have our favorite college teams, and I have been to a large number of Stadiums around the country on road games, and I have found only a few that compare to LSU's Tiger Stadium. This Flash about Tiger Stadium is a little dated, so here are some points for clarity:
1. Tiger Stadium now holds 92,000 and somehow always manages to squeeze in an extra thousand or two on game day.
2. You can smell the Bourbon, beer, wine, liquor in general on the field during a night game. (I was on the field for every home game the season LSU won the NCAA National Championship)
3. Being on the Field is deafening. I don't know how either the home or visiting team can play in it.
4. Notre Dame is tame compared to Tiger Stadium. (I still need to check out Michigan and Tenn.)
5. Students and fans start tailgating the day before. (I've been told that LSU fans have been disqualified from ESPN's tailgater competition because tailgating at LSU is a serious thing.) LSU fans don't cook Brats or Dogs. Why cook that stuff when they are serving up boiled crawfish, jambalaya, red beans and rice, BBQ chicken, fried chicken, po-boys, whole roast pig, shrimp creole, sauce piquante -- and if the fans are Cajun you might find some rabbit, squirrel, dove, and gator on the menu. (The Water Boy has alot of truth). LSU fans leave the dogs and burgers for the kiddies.

Anyway, I can be biased about my Team all day. So here is the link. LSU Tiger Stadium ... the scariest place on Earth for an opposing team.

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