Sunday, September 30, 2007

Purity Quotes!

St. Philip Neri - "Devotion to the Blessed Sacrament and devotion to
the Blessed Mother are not simply the best way, but in fact the only
way to keep purity. At the age of 20, nothing but communion can keep
one's heart pure. Chastity is not possible without the Eucharist."

Blessed Mother Theresa- "To be pure, to remain pure, can only come at
a price. This price is knowing God and loving Him enough to do His
will. He will always give us the strength we need to keep purity as
something beautiful for Him.

St. Jose Maria Escriva- "Many live like angles in the middle of the
world. You? Why not you?

"He did not say you would not be troubled, you would not be tempted,
you would not be distressed, but He did say you would not be

St. Alphonsus Ligouri- "To resist every temptation it is sufficient to
pronounce the names of Jesus and Mary. If the temptation continues let
us invoke Jesus and Mary and the devil will never be able to conquer

St Epherin- "in your strife with the devil, you have for spectators
angles and the Lord of angles"

St. John of the Cross- "God desires the least degree of purity of
conscience in you more than all the works you can perform.

St. Basil the Great- "As the pilot of a vessel is tried in the storm,
as the wrestler is tried in the ring, the soldier in battle, and the
hero in adversity, so is the Christian tried in temptation."

St. Francis de Salles - "It is not always in the souls power not to
feel a temptation, but it is always in its power not to consent to it.
All the temptations of hell cannot stain a soul that does not love

St. John Viennay - "The sign of the cross is the most powerful weapon
against satan. Thus the Church wishes we should have it in front of
our minds not only to remind us what our souls are worth and what they
cost Jesus Christ, but we should make it at every juncture ourselves,
at bedtime, when awaken, when arising in the morning, when we begin
any action, and above all when we are tempted."

John Paul II- "Chastity is a difficult long term matter, one must wait
patiently for it to bear fruit for the happiness of loving kindness
which it must bring. But at the same time chastity is the sure way to

St. Francis de salles- "In proportion to our victories over these
petty foes will be the number of jewels in that crown of glory that
Our Lord makes ready for us in paradise."

John Paul II- "God has assigned as a duty to every man the dignity of
every woman."

St. Jose Maria Escriva- "Purity, they ask, and smile…..they are the
ones who go on to marriage with worn out bodies and disillusioned

St. Augustine – "By lust I mean that affection of the mind that aims
at the enjoyment of ones self and ones neighbor without reference to

John Paul II- "Deep within yourself listen to your conscience which
calls you to be pure. A home is not warmed by the fire of pleasure,
which burns quickly like a pile of weed grass. Passing encounters are
only a caricature of love, they injure hearts and mock Gods plan."

St. Jose Maria Escriva – "Holy Purity is granted by God when asked for
with humility."

St. Clement of Alexandria – "Filthy talk makes us feel comfortable
with filthy action, but the one who knows how to control the tongue is
prepared to resist in attacks of lust."

St. Jose Maria Escriva – "That conversation was as dirty as a sewer.
It is not enough for you to take no part I it, you must show your
repugnance to it strongly. Never talk of impure things or events, not
even to deplore them. Look, it is a subject that sticks more than
tar. Change the conversation, or if not possible, speak of the need
and beauty of holy purity, a virtue of the men who know what their
souls are worth. I have never talked about impurity, but I have spoken
many ties as I have to do about purity, chastity, and the beautiful
affirmation of love."

St. John Henry Cardinal Neuman – "Purity prepares the soul for love,
and love confirms the soul in purity."

St. John Bosco – "Holy purity, the queen of virtues, the angelic
virtue, is a jewel so precious that those that possess it become like
the angels of God even though enclosed in mortal flesh."

St. Jose Maria Escriva – "As soon as you willfully allow a dialogue
with temptation to begin, the soul is robbed of peace, just as the
consent to impurity destroys grace. Temptation is necessary to make us
realize we are nothing in ourselves. Don't be such a coward ….. be
brave enough to flee."

Our Lady of Fatima – "More souls go to hell because of sins of the
flesh than for any other reason."

St. Jose Maria Escriva – "To defend his purity St. Francis of Assisi
rolled in the snow, St. Benedict through himself into a thorn bush,
St. Bernard plunged himself into an icy pond. You, what have you done?
Don't say that's the way I am, its my character, NO! Its your lack of
character. Be a Man! When you decide firmly to live a pure life,
chastity will not be a burden on you, it will be a crown of triumph."
John Paul II - "Man cannot live without love. He remains a being that
is incomprehensible for himself; his life is meaningless, if love is
not revealed to him, if he does not encounter love, if he does not
experience it and make it his own, if he does not participate
intimately in it. This is why Jesus Christ reveals man to Himself"

From an Email. Thanks Matt B.

Backwards Priorities?

Adopt a Dog . . . from Puerto Prco.
YABUCOA, Puerto Rico - Some visitors to Puerto Rico are leaving with an unusual souvenir — one of the thousands of scrappy abandoned dogs that roam the island's beaches.

Hundreds of abandoned canines are being scooped up and flown to the U.S.: some by tourists unexpectedly touched by their plight, others as part of an expensive organized rescue effort.

Does Anyone else see this as strange? Like maybe our Priorities have been flip-flopped. I'm sure there are many children in Puerto Rico without families that would love to be adopted by an American.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

God Bless Baseball: all of it.

I went to the Yankees v. Oriole game tonight. The O's won it in extra innings. Anyway, I found this great and humorous picture on the walk back to the car. Sorry Red Sox Fans. I personally liked how they rhymed 'yanks' with 'thanks'.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Love Dreams

Guest Post By: Fulton J. Sheen

EVERY PERSON carries within his heart
a blueprint of
the one he loves. What seems
to be "love at first
sight" is actually the
fulfillment of desire, the
realization of a dream.
Plato, sensing this, said that
all knowledge
is recollection from a previous
This is not true as he states it, but it
true if one
understands it to mean that we
already have
an ideal in us—one which is made by our
our habits, our experiences, and our desire.

Otherwise how would we know immediately,
on seeing
persons or things, that we loved them? Before meeting
certain people we already have a pattern and mold of
what we like and what we do not like, certain persons
fit into that pattern, others do not.

When we hear music for the first time, we either like
or dislike it. We judge it by the music we already
have heard in our own hearts. Jittery minds which
cannot long repose in one object of thought or in
continuity of an idea love music which is distracting,
excited, and jittery. Calm minds like calm music: the
heart has its own secret melody, and one day when the
score is played the heart answers, "This is it."

So it is with love. A tiny architect works inside the
human heart drawing sketches of the ideal love from
the people it sees, from the books it reads, from its
hopes and daydreams, in the fond hope that the eye may
one day see the ideal and the hand touch it. Life
becomes satisfying the moment the dream is seen
walking, and the person apt pears as the incarnation
of all that one loves. The liking is instantaneous—
because, actually, it has been there waiting for a
long time.

God, too, has within Himself blueprints of everything
in the universe. As the architect has in his mind a
plan of the house before the house is built, so God has
in His Mind an archetypal idea of every flower, bird,
tree, spring time, and melody. There never was a brush
touched to canvas nor a chisel to marble without some
great preexisting idea. So, too, every atom and every
rose is realization and concretion of an idea existing
in the Mind of God from all eternity. All creatures
below man correspond to the pattern God has in His
Mind. A tree is truly a tree because it corresponds to
God's idea of a tree.

In marriage too, love begins with a dream. As a French
author put it, "To know a woman at the hour of desire,
one must first respect her at the exquisite hour of
dream." Love then is an act of faith, a declaration of
the unseen as the real.

If ideals are not high, if the blueprints of love are
not beautiful, then the marriage itself will not be
beautiful. As some minds can listen to the barbaric
tom-tome of antimusic, so there are hearts that can be
satisfied with a body without a soul. Hence the need of
a moral preparation for marriage. St. Francis de Sales
once said that "in marriage, one takes a vow. But it
is the only instance where a vow is taken without a
novitiate. If it had a year of novitiate, how few
would enter into it." The novitiate of marriage must
necessarily embrace two elements: the spiritualization
of personal lives in order that the sublime
architectural blueprint of life's partner be formed
within, and a constant prayer that God Himself will
dispose historical conditions to make the dreams come

With marriage and its ripening with the fruit of love,
there will dawn a new understanding that everyone
carries with him a blueprint of the one he loves, and
that One is God. The other partner then is seen as the
Lord's John the Baptist, preparing the way and making
straight His paths. God was just half seen through the
flesh, but thanks to life's companionship, one becomes
more and more attuned to the Divine Fork that gave the
original melody on the wedding day.

Love which began as Passion, then became an Act, and
now in the autumn of life becomes once again a Desire
born of Memory; the new "passionless passion" strains
at the leash of life to be one with Life, Truth and
Love. The words of Our Lord now repeatedly come to
their minds: "Those who are found worthy to attain that
other world, and resurrection from the dead, take
neither wife nor husband." That means that sex, which
reflected the animal kingdom, will not exist in
eternity, but love, which is a reflection of God's
unbodied essence, will remain their eternal ecstasy.
There will be no faith in Heaven, for we will already
see; there will be no hope in Heaven, for we will
already possess; but there will always be love. God is

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Catholic Identity at Notre Dame

Here is a nice little article in Commonweal on religious identity at the University of Notre Dame. It is written by John T. McGreevy, a graduate from and professor at the university.

Mammon: Starbucks and Joni Mitchell

I'm a little slow on the news but here Joni Mitchell, who just released a new Album 'Shine' on the Starbucks record label Hear Records, proposes in one of her songs on the album that the Catholic church has prisons and is loveless. Specifically the lyrics are:
Shine on the Catholic Church
And the prisons that it owns
Shine on all the Churches
that love less and less.
If this isn't an anti-Catholic bias then I don't know what is. On top of that, I don't think I will be getting my coffee from Starbucks any longer. I never liked burnt coffee much anyway. I'll just stick with Community Coffee. Starbucks upset me when they started charging for the internet. Starbucks upset me when I found out that their Frappaccinos aren't made with espresso. Now Starbucks upset me with their welcoming of religious bigotry. Granted, they are from Seattle, a place in the country where religion isn't very welcomed, but that doesn't mean the company needs to spread its own views on religion across the country. Also, the last I checked the company was called Starbucks Coffee and not Starbucks Coffee and Cultural Commentary.

The article said she was trying to be like Kipling. Maybe, but Kipling's Natural Theology is much better written than what Joni is proposing.

Also, if Joni wanted to do something radical and edgy, she should not put on that old, worn-out, hat of anti-catholicism and attack Christianity. She would socially critique Islam, Dufar, and the bum who uses the system. Then again topics of that nature take gumption, which clearly she is lacking in that department. Lastly, what good is critiquing and not doing anything about it? Will Joni put her money where her mouth is? I doubt. So until she is ready to stand in the midst of the storms and help fix the problems and empty whatever prisons she is reffering too and put love back in the churches, she should refrain from critiquing.

Via: The Curt Jester

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Taser this:F*** Bush

Maybe you have head by now that a Colorado State University student, David McSwane, ran an editorial column only four words in length: “Taser this: F*** Bush.” It has been heating up debates and discussion around the country on the issue of free speech. I don’t think free speech is the issue. The issue is, what a lousy piece of journalism and a waste of editorial space. Since when did editorials become personal ejaculations capable of being made by a ten-year old? I've head high school students sum up Hitler's reign by calling him a "douche bag, commie, Nazi, prig." That might be an accurate description, but it does not suffice as an answer on a test. Likewise, "Taser this: F*** Bush" should not suffice as journalism.

Traditionally editorials are meant to be thought provoking, insightful, or to calling attention to an issue. However, the only thing this editorial leaves me thinking is how much smarter my 9th grade students I taught in a Louisiana public school are than McSwane. My 9th graders, though it took several months to get this across, knew that an argument has no weight if it cannot be supported, that the use of slang can often lead to more confusion in writing, and that it is always important to clarify and be concise.

What does “Taser this: F*** Bush” really say. Taser what, McSwane? Your arm? Your backpack? Your pet dog? The failure to qualify the pronoun leaves the reader guessing.

“F*** Bush.” I don’t follow McSwane. He again fails to qualify which Bush. Is it Jeb Bush? Is it the President Bush? Is it the President’s Father? Maybe he means the burning bush from Exodus? I just can’t decided. McSwane fails to clarify his opinion.

“F***” here is a word that has been bastardized beyond belief. It can be used in any number of ways. Maybe he means it in a affirmative manner like “F*** Yeah!” Is he agreeing and affirming the said Bush in his editorial? I can’t tell. Maybe he is using it in a more tradition manner as in “I want to have mindless carnal sex with Bush.” If Bush is a person that would be morally wrong. If Bush is a plant that would be sick. Perhaps McSwane intends “F***” to be used as an adjective where it modifies “Bush.” That would be a silly and strange use of the word. Plus I've never seen a "F*** Bush" on sale at the local garden and plant nursery. Maybe McSwane is using it as a term meaning that he does not agree with “Bush” in some way. That is, maybe Bush did something that he does not agree with. But this interpretation begs the question, for no one knows what it is McSwane is irate about.

In the end, McSwane wrote an editorial with no journalistic merit. To be honest, it is an editorial that should not have been run for its failure to say anything, and it is an editorial that should have been ignored. Now McSwane and the CSU student paper only has more reasons to run such mind numbing ignorant editorials that proclaim that the editorial staff has poor judgement and intellects less than a 9th grader in a Louisiana public school. Because McSwane says not what he means and probably means not what he says, he might have well just said, “Walruses and seals: Tea and crumpets Bush."

God's Existance

This is perhaps the Strangest argument I have ever seen for the Existence of God. It also does a number on evolutionist and creationists. It basically go as follows:
1. Men have testicles.
2. Therefore God exists.
Go here for the full argument. Take note this is not a highbrow argument and is somewhat crass.

QOTD: The Cosmos

"It is all very well to speak of the wonders of the Cosmos as testimony to the glory of God, and it may in fact be true, but it, the Cosmos is hardly perceived as such in modern technological societies . . . The wonder to the scientist is not that God made the world but that the works of God can be understood in terms of a mechanism without giving God a second thought. Is it not indeed more wonderful to understand the complex mechanism (dyads) by which the DNA of a sperm joins with the DNA of an ovum to form a new Organism than to have God snap his fingers and create an organism like a rabbit under a hat? The real wonder is not that the Cosmos is now seen as wonderful but that it is not. Despite its inconceivable vastness, it is seen not as wonderful but as something that can be explained as a dyadic system."
~Walker Percy, Lost in the Cosmos: the last self-help book

Monday, September 24, 2007

Christianity Ain't for Sissies.

Whoever said that Christianity is a religion of the weak must not know his or her history. For countless ages Christians have died for their beliefs. In fact one only has to look as near as Africa and as soon as right now to find Christians still dying for their faith.

But there have always been, and will always be, those people who insist that Christianity is a religion of the weak and for the weak, such as Nietzsche. Really, I don’t understand exactly what Nietzsche meant when he called Christianity a religion of the weak. I do see weak individuals in the church, but I fail to see how the Church and religion as a whole is weak. I doubt that we can call someone like Joan of Arc weak. Neither could we say the same about John Viennay; after all, he did at times fistfight those who disrespected Christianity.

A prime example of how Christianity is not a weak church for the weak and of the weak is illustrated in the Martyrdom of 10 of the Apostles.

(listed in alphabetical order)
Andrew was killed by crucifixion.
Bartholomew was skinned alive. (the Technical term is flayed.)
James the Greater was beheaded
James the Lesser was thrown from a high building, stoned and beaten with clubs.
Jude was beaten to death with clubs.
Matthew was stoned to death. Other sources suggest he might have been burned or beheaded.
Peter was crucified upside down.
Philip…. Uncertain.
Simon was sawed in half.
Thomas was impaled with spears.

Crazy LSU Fans

Saturday, September 22, 2007

I'm a Contradiction, Clearly.

Dang, I don't even listen to these styles of music, but apparently I should be. Britney Spears here I come. Watch out Kristina and Fergi, for I am Glamorous .

Which Type of Music Should You Listen To?

You should listen to Bubblegum Pop. You're never one to push boundaries or draw outside the lines, but so long as life is fun and a party's nearby there'll be a bounce in your step.
You should listen to Gangsta Rap. You have a gruff, tough outer shell, and could use a little more sensitivity on occasion. But you must be doing something right, because you are cool, trendy, and a hit with your fans!
Find Your Character @

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Perpetual Mario

Don't feel like playing a video tonight. Why not just program the game to play itself so you don't have to. Boy did someone have some free time on their hands.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Meet Mr. Hughes: A Story of Inspiration

The questions is, who is the more inspiring one: the dad or the son?

How to Tell if the Confirmation Program at Your Parish Needs to be Imporved.

I recently did a youth group lock-in at my parish. At one point during the lock in we asked the teens to draw their Christian journey. Some were telling. Some were not. However, this one particular teen drew an interesting picture. He/She seemed to find confirmation to be a "Shipwreck" in his/her life and then followed by a "Confusion Triangle". Hmm. Looks like we have some work to do.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

QOTD: The Christian Life


"Living the Christian life isn't difficult. It's just humanly impossible."~Brant Pitre

Don't forget to check out Brant's bible studies. They are Great!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Chesterton on Drinking

A new morality has burst upon us with some violence in connection with the problem of strong drink; and enthusiasts in the matter range from the man who is violently thrown out at 12:30, to the lady who smashes American bars with an axe. In these discussions it is almost always felt that one very wise and moderate position is to say that wine or such stuff should only be drunk as a medicine. With this I should venture to disagree with a peculiar ferocity. The one genuinely dangerous and immoral way of drinking wine is to drink it as a medicine. And for this reason, If a man drinks wine in order to obtain pleasure, he is trying to obtain something exceptional, something he does not expect every hour of the day, something which, unless he is a little insane, he will not try to get every hour of the day. But if a man drinks wine in order to obtain health, he is trying to get something natural; something, that is, that he ought not to be without; something that he may find it difficult to reconcile himself to being without. The man may not be seduced who has seen the ecstasy of being ecstatic; it is more dazzling to catch a glimpse of the ecstasy of being ordinary. If there were a magic ointment, and we took it to a strong man, and said, "This will enable you to jump off the Monument," doubtless he would jump off the Monument, but he would not jump off the Monument all day long to the delight of the City. But if we took it to a blind man, saying, "This will enable you to see," he would be under a heavier temptation. It would be hard for him not to rub it on his eyes whenever he heard the hoof of a noble horse or the birds singing at daybreak. It is easy to deny one's self festivity; it is difficult to deny one's self normality. Hence comes the fact which every doctor knows, that it is often perilous to give alcohol to the sick even when they need it. I need hardly say that I do not mean that I think the giving of alcohol to the sick for stimulus is necessarily unjustifiable. But I do mean that giving it to the healthy for fun is the proper use of it, and a great deal more consistent with health.

The sound rule in the matter would appear to be like many other sound rules--a paradox. Drink because you are happy, but never because you are miserable. Never drink when you are wretched without it, or you will be like the grey-faced gin-drinker in the slum; but drink when you would be happy without it, and you will be like the laughing peasant of Italy. Never drink because you need it, for this is rational drinking, and the way to death and hell. But drink because you do not need it, for this is irrational drinking, and the ancient health of the world.

Monday, September 10, 2007

My New Clothes

Just because a girl dresses one way does not mean that she is that way or of a certain persuasion, but the burden of proof is hers – likewise with men. For instance, if I put on a pair of Jnco jeans, a Spirfire tshirt, DC shoes, and carried a skateboard tucked under my arm as I stood at a crosswalk a person might be led to believe that I were a skater. However, that would not be the case. I do not know how to skate. Therefore, I am not a skater. Yet, the impression I gave off by my clothes and board said otherwise.

Again, how ridiculous would it be for a man or woman, who are not police officers, to don a police officer’s uniform and stroll the streets of Downtown, USA any day of the week. Even more so would it be when the faux officer tries to explain to a hysterical person in need that just because he or she is dressed like an officer does not mean that he or she is an officer. Yet, all the blame – according to certain modes of thought – lies not on the person playing dress up but on the person who mistakenly assumed, because reason, logic, and past experiences led the person to believe, that the faux officer was a real officer. It would seem to be an honest mistake from a dishonest representation.

It is true that clothes don’t define a person, and it has even become a popular cry these days that clothes matter little. Clearly so, clothing seems to matter to such a small degree that some people feel the need to express exactly how little clothing means to them by wearing the exact proportional amount of clothing that corresponds to their belief in how little clothing matters. Apparently little clothing matter so much to such people that they become as wise kings in their new clothes and make a big stink over little.

Also, it has become unfashionable these days to judge a person by the clothes they wear. So like the young lad in the King’s New Clothes I too will not judge people by what they wear – because it is incredibly unfashionable. Instead, I suppose, I will judge a person not by what they wear but by what they lack thereof, which can be very revealing and very unfashionable.

Inspired by: Dawn Eden's Post Here.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

iPod Crush

Steve Jobs stunned the world today by announcing the release of the largest 'portable' media player ever. It is the newest in his ever popular iPod series, and it is currently being called the iPod Crush. The new iPod supports a whopping 6ft x 4ft screen that rivals any big screen living room TV. Jobs is reporting that the unit uses the same touch screen technology as the iPhone. It comes complete with wifi, bluetouth, the entire Swiss Army (all troops come with knives), snacks for the trip, and a roll of duct tape. There are rumors that the new iPod Crush will even reduce your carbon footprint. Taking things in good jest and confident in his new product, when Jobs was asked by reporters who were concerned about the size of the new iPod Jobs said, "Hey, if it doesn't crush the competition it will at least crush you."

I know this new iPod Touch from Apple is supposed to be cool, but Steve, I just don't think an iPod of that size will fit in my pocket.

No, but I did stay at a Norbertine Abby last night.

My friends and I are usually very critical of the "Vision Vocation Guide" that is put out every year. Nearly every year after looking through it I think the same thing, "It is no wonder some of these religious orders are disappearing." With bad advertising, poor graphic design, and uninspiring photos what do you expect? However, this year, I think some of the religious orders are making progress. Here is one that caused me to laugh out loud when I saw it. It is the Norbertine Monks advertisement. The Norbertine Monks are an active -- contemplative community since 1121. Monks with a sense of humor like this! Who wouldn't want to go and see?
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