Monday, September 24, 2007

Christianity Ain't for Sissies.

Whoever said that Christianity is a religion of the weak must not know his or her history. For countless ages Christians have died for their beliefs. In fact one only has to look as near as Africa and as soon as right now to find Christians still dying for their faith.

But there have always been, and will always be, those people who insist that Christianity is a religion of the weak and for the weak, such as Nietzsche. Really, I don’t understand exactly what Nietzsche meant when he called Christianity a religion of the weak. I do see weak individuals in the church, but I fail to see how the Church and religion as a whole is weak. I doubt that we can call someone like Joan of Arc weak. Neither could we say the same about John Viennay; after all, he did at times fistfight those who disrespected Christianity.

A prime example of how Christianity is not a weak church for the weak and of the weak is illustrated in the Martyrdom of 10 of the Apostles.

(listed in alphabetical order)
Andrew was killed by crucifixion.
Bartholomew was skinned alive. (the Technical term is flayed.)
James the Greater was beheaded
James the Lesser was thrown from a high building, stoned and beaten with clubs.
Jude was beaten to death with clubs.
Matthew was stoned to death. Other sources suggest he might have been burned or beheaded.
Peter was crucified upside down.
Philip…. Uncertain.
Simon was sawed in half.
Thomas was impaled with spears.

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