Monday, September 10, 2007

My New Clothes

Just because a girl dresses one way does not mean that she is that way or of a certain persuasion, but the burden of proof is hers – likewise with men. For instance, if I put on a pair of Jnco jeans, a Spirfire tshirt, DC shoes, and carried a skateboard tucked under my arm as I stood at a crosswalk a person might be led to believe that I were a skater. However, that would not be the case. I do not know how to skate. Therefore, I am not a skater. Yet, the impression I gave off by my clothes and board said otherwise.

Again, how ridiculous would it be for a man or woman, who are not police officers, to don a police officer’s uniform and stroll the streets of Downtown, USA any day of the week. Even more so would it be when the faux officer tries to explain to a hysterical person in need that just because he or she is dressed like an officer does not mean that he or she is an officer. Yet, all the blame – according to certain modes of thought – lies not on the person playing dress up but on the person who mistakenly assumed, because reason, logic, and past experiences led the person to believe, that the faux officer was a real officer. It would seem to be an honest mistake from a dishonest representation.

It is true that clothes don’t define a person, and it has even become a popular cry these days that clothes matter little. Clearly so, clothing seems to matter to such a small degree that some people feel the need to express exactly how little clothing means to them by wearing the exact proportional amount of clothing that corresponds to their belief in how little clothing matters. Apparently little clothing matter so much to such people that they become as wise kings in their new clothes and make a big stink over little.

Also, it has become unfashionable these days to judge a person by the clothes they wear. So like the young lad in the King’s New Clothes I too will not judge people by what they wear – because it is incredibly unfashionable. Instead, I suppose, I will judge a person not by what they wear but by what they lack thereof, which can be very revealing and very unfashionable.

Inspired by: Dawn Eden's Post Here.

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