Tuesday, September 18, 2007

QOTD: The Christian Life


"Living the Christian life isn't difficult. It's just humanly impossible."~Brant Pitre

Don't forget to check out Brant's bible studies. They are Great!


Byzantine, TX said...

Maybe he's being jocular, but I disagree with him. :)
I just listened to 3 homilies on the difficulty of living the Christian life (specifically in reference to the Exaltation of the Cross). Flying a hot air balloon upside down is impossible. Living the life set before us by the Holy Trinity is a gift albeit a challenging one. The far superior equivalent to an erector set.

Paul Cat said...

I don't think he was saying that the Christian life wouldn't be challenging. Just that you can't life the Christian Life by your own accord. You need God's help.

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