Friday, October 12, 2007

Barbie Goes Middle Eastern

This might be old news to some people, but several companies have starting marketing Barbie-like dolls either to middle-eastern children living in the US or to middle-eastern children still living in the Mid-east countries themselves. I'm not sure about this but does America really have to go pushing its consumerism mentality on other countries? I don't think Barbie or a Burkini are going to solve the world's problems.
From article:
DAMASCUS, Syria, Sept. 21 - In the last year or so, Barbie dolls have all but disappeared from the shelves of many toy stores in the Middle East. In their place, there is Fulla, a dark-eyed doll with, as her creator puts it, "Muslim values."
. . .
Young girls here are obsessed with Fulla, and conservative parents who would not dream of buying Barbies for their daughters seem happy to pay for a modest doll who has her own tiny prayer rug, in pink felt. Children who want to dress like their dolls can buy a matching, girl-size prayer rug and cotton scarf set, all in pink.
I wonder when they will release the Barbie Theologian or Barbie the Catechetical Catechist?


Anonymous said...

You know, one of the problems I've had with Barbie is that my girls had to have all the latest dresses.

With "Fulla", you can dress her up in a black burqa, or a ... ummm... black burqa. ;)

So you buy the doll, you buy the doll with the black burqa, and that's it. You can pose her, you can make her talk by bouncing her and talking. But you can't take her clothes off if there is an off chance your little brother might wander in.

Maybe that's where they'll make their money. If your little brother does see her naked, you have to take her out and smash the doll with rocks. Then you have to buy another one.

The Crescat said...

but the burkini is SOoooo slimming.

ignorant redneck said...

nunbarbie! there was army Barbie--We should have nun Barbie! Sisters of the renewal, Nashville Dominicans, sisters of Life, yep we can. And, because barbie is young--no dissenting orders!

Anonymous said...

That there sure pisses me off

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