Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Dear Wormwood

Just a little exercise I decided to do the other night. I don't have my copy of the book with me and I don't remember Lewis' jargon from the book. Anyway, I hope you enjoy.

Dear Wormwood,

You are right in being concerned in your soul discovering the truth of things. Truth in general is a dangerous thing to our cause and will likely set you back many days or months if not handled properly.

Without a doubt, combating the truth is an exhaustive and monumental task, which I have learned through many follies of my own that ended in more harm to the cause than anticipated. Some lessons are best learned the hard way, but in the dealings of true things this is not one of them, for an encounter with the truth can leave even the strongest of us tired, exhausted, and useless for sometime after the encounter. Even Legion has proven weak against it.

The fact of the matter is that to fight truth is as futile as trying single handedly to change the flow of a river in a moments notice or trying to draw closer the moon to the earth. In other words, it cannot be done. But that does not mean we must surrender and bow to the truth, if such a things happens then we would be no better than those whom we fight.

Here, my young Wormwood, I share with you in ease what I learned through strife and struggle, so as to save you from the anguish of losing souls and to further the cause. Your first task should be aimed at guiding your objective to things that makes him think and feel as if he is discovering truth. There are many unread ‘classics’ that will serve in this measure and at the same time help to promote pride -- as he will feel as if he is reading truth and better than others for reading those unread truths. Second, if your objective does discover a truth, hold it up before him and convince him that the reason he has never heard of this truth is because it isn’t relevant. If it was something relevant it would be known and practiced by all.

Lastly, since truth is what it is, the best technique for guarding against the truth of things is to simply convince your objective to ignore those things which are true. By ignoring what is true your objective will have a sense of bliss as by ignoring there is no engaging and no combat to endure.

Nephew, I share this with you as I learned it the hard way how exhausting, how monumental a task, and how easy it is to loose a soul to the truth if one does not heed to the side of caution when confronted by the truth. Do not be discouraged and continue to fight for the cause.

Your Uncle,

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