Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Examination of Conscience . . . for people

I got tired of finding the same plain Jane examination of consciences online for teens that did not go into any detail or depth. The ones I did find required little examination and often left me feeling self-righteous for having faired out well on such a vanilla exam. Solution: I created my own. Yes, I know it is not exhaustive. I tried to be brief and thorough. Feel free to borrow, adapt and use. Who knows maybe some adults might find it helpful too. Also, feel free to suggest additions.

• Have I put God first in my daily life?
• Have I formed my day around God, or do I make God fit into my day?
• Do I pray everyday?
• Have I put sports, school, friends, family, or work before time spent with God?
• Have I participated in occult activities: ouija boards, wicca, spells, divination, evil eye, taro cards?
• Have I used God’s name without a purpose (i.e. “Oh my God!”)?
• Have I called upon God’s name with intent to harm others?
• Have I shown disrespect towards God and His Holy Name?
• Have I missed Sunday mass or any Holy Days of obligation since my last confession?
• Have I been patient with my patents and family members?
• Have I been resistant and stand-offish when my patents try helping me or when they ask something of me?
• Do I think my parents are stupid and just don’t get me or understand what I am going through?
• Am I ungrateful towards my parents and family?
• Do I feel as if I am better than everyone around me?
• Do I respect my parents and those people who stand in their place: doctors, teachers, coaches, etc…?
• Have I injured a relationship with my anger, jealousy, pride, gossip, or slander?
• Have I had an abortion or encouraged or assisted others to have one?
• Have I physically harmed another person with malicious intent?
• Have I destroyed or vandalized another person’s property or did not speak up when other did so?
• Have I stolen another person’s property, including illegally downloading music, pens, paper, books, money, credit card, etc…?
• Have I borrowed something without returning it?
• Have I been impure with myself or others by participating in premarital sex, masturbation, oral sex, watching pornography, or touching inappropriately?
• Have I lusted after other people or things?
• Have I used others or have allowed others to use me?
• Have I allowed impure thoughts to entertain me?
• Do I take care of my body by giving it enough sleep, exercise and food?
• Do I abuse my body by using illegal drugs, getting drunk, drinking underage, smoking underage, overeating, under-eating, not exercising, or exercising too much?
• Am I overly concerned with my physical appearance and what I think others think about me?
• Do I waste time by spending too much time on unproductive activities?
• Do I have a tendency to be lazy?
• Have I cheated on tests or copied a friend’s homework and claimed it as my own?
• Have I let others steal on account of my idleness?
• Have I failed to be generous with what God has blessed me?
• Have I forced peer pressure upon others or have given into peer pressure?
• Do I try to build up my family, friends, and neighbors or am I more concerned with tearing them down and with their own faults?
• Am I over critical of others and myself?
• Have I lied since my last confession?
• Have I broken promises deliberately?
• Have I shared a truth about another that should not have been shared?
• Do I gossip about others or fail to speak up when my friends gossip?
• Do I make the false presumption by sinning and think ‘God must forgive me’?
• Do I believe the lie that God won’t forgive me for what I have done or failed to do?
• Do I get jealous of others’ success?
• Am I envious or saddened when something good happens to others?
• Do I want things that I should not have?
• Am I selfish and only care about my own wants and needs?
• Am I not satisfied or unhappy with what I have and have been given?
• Do I use what I have been given appropriately, or do I misuse what I have been given (i.e. reckless driving that endangers you and others is an inappropriate use of a car)?
• Have I tried to make myself a better Christian and better person?

Remember sin is not about breaking the rules. It is about breaking and severing relationships with others and God.


Kelly said...

Hi, I wandered by your blog when I searched for an examination of conscience for my teen confirmation class. Great list, and what a great blog! I look forward to reading through more of it.

scotty said...

Looks pretty thorough I think I am going to use this for my eighth grade class

Glenna said...

I'm posting on FB. Might consider adding sins of omission too...

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