Thursday, November 01, 2007

Litany of the New Orleans Saints

Happy All Saints Day. Here is a litany of a different sort.

Shean Paton, Hear us.
Tom Benson, Hear us.
Mickey Loomis, Hear us.

Saint Brees and Saint Martin, Throw some touchdowns
Saint Marques Colston, catch the ball.
Saints Moore and Meachem, catch the ball.
Saint Copper and Saint Henderson, catch the ball.
Saints Bush, break through the line.
Saint Stecker, break through the line.
Saint Thomas and Saint Karney, break through the line.
Saint Deuce, get healthy.
Saints Owens, Johnson, Miller and Ronnie, block the rush.
Saint Faine, snap the ball.
Saint Goodwin, snap the ball.
Saint Grant, stop the run.
Saint Smith, stop the run.
Saint Simoneau, sack the quarter back.
Saint Fujita, sack the quarter back.
Saint Mitchell and Saint Simmons, sack the quarter back.
Saint Thomas, cover your man.
Saint McKenzie, cover your man.
Saints David and Craft, cover your man.
Saint Young, cover you man.
Saint Bellamy, do your thing.
Saint Reis and Saint Bullocks, do your thing.
Saint Kaesviharn and Saint Harper, do your thing.
Saint Mare, through the uprights.
Saint Weatherford, kick it long.

All you athletic men, play well.
All you talented men, play hard.
All you professionals, play fair.

Here is a link to the REAL Litany of the Saints.
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