Thursday, October 04, 2007

Papal Envy

Earlier today the American Psychological Association (APA) released a new diagnoses for a mental disorder based off the teachings of Freud. This new disorder is called Papal Envy. Below is the definition from the APA.

Papal Envy – The psychoanalytic concept in which a non-catholic envies Catholic characteristics or capabilities, especially the position of the papacy. It is believed to be a reaction of a non-Catholic during his or her Christian growth upon realization that their church does not have a papacy. This realization is considered by some psycotheobabblist to be a defining moment in the development of a person’s theological, ecclesiastical, and ecumenical understanding.

Upon the discovery that one’s church does not have a papacy, two roads are commonly taken. The first is to seek out a church that has the papacy. The second is to develop a structure and office combined with local churches or comities that strongly resemble the papacy as seen externally from an outsiders point of view.

The latter usually develops anti-catholic biases in theology. Generally, he or she will shove off or try to discredit any bible text, church father, tradition, or teaching that claims the papacy was established by Christ in the person of Peter upon whom Christ is said to have built his church. After Peter's death, his position was filled by a successor and is believe to be unbroken to the current Pope, Benedict XVI.


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