Saturday, October 13, 2007

Pope Quiz . . .

What is wrong with this first sentence from an Eric Adelson story on Hint: you need to think culturally.
BATON ROUGE, La. -- It's almost time. A rock band blares, and the brats brown, and the sun bakes, and a little boy waits.


Christina Grace said...

A ROCK band in LA? Puhleease.

Ellyn said...

Or is it the brats?
(I've only been to Louisiana a few times...and it wasn't for brats. I'm a native of Wisconsin, so I know "brat culture.")

The Mighty Favog said...


Poo yi yi, cher! Me, I didn't know what no brats was until I first went to the Midwest, me!

And dey OK, I reckon, but I likes 'em blackened, yeah! But dey ain't no substiture for a good chicken-and-andouille gumbo or a pot of jambalaya. Or maybe some catfish deep-fat fryin' on the camp stove.

If you fry your hush puppies and fried potatoes in the same grease as the catfish . . . cher, you got some good eatin', there!

Tonnaire, ca c'est bon, oui!

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