Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sexual Misconduct Plagues U.S. Schools

I hope this is treated with and reacted to with the same fervor and outrage as the priest scandal in the Catholic Church. It even sounds remarkably similar.

From Article:
Story Highlights
  • AP: Educators were punished in 2,500 sex cases from bizarre to sadistic
  • Accused are overwhelmingly male, often popular, recognized for excellence
  • Quiet punishments allow many violators move on to other schools
  • One in 10 victimized children reports sexual abuse, say academic studies


ignorant redneck said...

About two days befor this was published, there was a large, multi-national study completed that paints a yet bleaker picture. I put up some stuff about it.

Anonymous said...

We live n an age where a boob on tv is a national scandal, yet you can show people's heads being blown off. Where religion says sex, even nudity is a no-no, where murderers go free in 3 yrs while sex crimes get you labelled for life.
Nude children is banned, yet we have top models under 16. The strain between the moral extremest and the sexual freedom we gained in the 60's has comnfused us all to what is right and wrong.

Anonymous said...

Dunno, Anonymous, those things don't have me confused as to what is right v. what is wrong.

ignorant redneck said...

If you go to
You will find another study that breaks it down using a meta-study across methodological lines and national borders. It's a peer reviewed study.

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