Friday, November 30, 2007

World's most effective speed bump

Via: Fr. Ryan

It's Perfectly Normal

[YouTube description]American Life League exposes the contents of "It's Perfectly Normal," a book endorsed by Planned Parenthood. Recently, a Washington State Prison rejected a fundraising letter that included censored images from the book for being "sexually explicit" and "obscene."

American Life League releases video report on children's sex book

Be mindful of what your school and public library has. I remember having a "health" class in 5th grade where we learned the basics like where do babies come from, personal hygiene, and a few other topics, but in no way was the class inappropriate. This book is WAY over the top. Below is an email from the American Life League (ALL).

WASHINGTON, D.C. · November 19, 2007 / PRNewswire / – "Parents need to know what Planned Parenthood has in store for their children and this report is an excellent starting point," said Jim Sedlak, vice president of American Life League. "The book 'It's Perfectly Normal' is obscene and offensive to Christians."

American Life League's second video report exposes the contents of the book "It's Perfectly Normal." Recently, a Washington State Prison rejected a fundraising letter that included censored images from the book for being "sexually explicit" and "obscene."

American Life League released the report as a part of its continuing effort to educate the public on Planned Parenthood's activities.

"This video report is just the beginning," said Sedlak. "We will continue to use this new media to expose the nation's largest abortion chain and we call on Christians across the nation to join us in putting a stop to tax payer funds for Planned Parenthood."

For the truth about Planned Parenthood, check out these related links:

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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Can we Dance in Church or WHAT?: Cardinal Arinze on Eucharist, Dance, and Music

The Cardinal answers questions on the Eucharist, Liturgical Dance (Can we do it?), and Music (Can we sing secular hymns and rock music at mass?). Watch below to hear (and see) what he has to say.


Ok if you haven't heard, planned parenthood of America is holding a T-Shirt design contest based off the theme Safe is Sexy. Jeff over at the Curt Jester has a couple of designs that he is submitting. I borrowed his T-shirt template (I hope he doesn't mind) and made a few of my own designs. I hope they catch on.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Automated Confession

Maybe we should beef-up our prayers for vocations so that this doesn't happen. Personally, I can't wait till we can use Super Soakers during the sprinkling rite. . . just kidding.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Dehydrated Water

You can impress your friends with this neat gift this Christmas season. Here.

I wish I would have thought of this.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

God's Gym

A friend of mine is leading a confirmation retreat soon. This is how she is promoting it.

Thanks: Skip "the" Bacon

Not Said By Jesus Sunday

Preparing for Fatherhood

I took my 6 year old cousin out to lunch the other day. Here is part of the conversation that occurred.

Me: What are you asking for Christmas?
Cousin: An iPod.
Me: An iPod? Don't you already have one of those?
Cousin: No, that's my sister.
Me: Oh yeah, you're right.

[Moment of silence]

Me: You should ask for a Wii. It's really cool. My roommate has one. It's a lot of fun.
Cousin: My sister is asking for that.
Me: Then you should ask for World Peace for Christmas.
Cousin: What's world peace?
Me: ummm Ask your mom.
Cousin: Awww what's world peace?
Me: I can't tell you. You have to ask your mother.
Cousin: Awwww come on what is world peace?
Me: It's a secret and you have to ask your mom. I told her I wouldn't tell.
Cousin: WHAT is World Peace?
Me: So what are you learning is school?
Cousin: Subtraction.
It's never to early to start defering to mom. Oh and kids give people a reason to act like kids.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Ladies Night a form of Sexual Discrimination

In a recent LSU editorial, Donald Hodge, questions whether or not 'Ladies Night' is a form of sexual discrimination.

From Article:
"You know they have ladies' night because women make less than men and therefore need the discount," claimed one male friend. He may have had in mind a 2003 U.S. Department of Labor study that found women on average make 78 percent of men's wages. I doubt, however, bar owners are concerned with women's wages when pushing drink specials for ladies.

"We deserve discounted booze - do you know how much effort we have to put into going to a bar - the hair, makeup, outfit, shoes," a female friend asked. In essence, she claimed women have earned the right to cheap liquor as a result of vanity. This may have been true in the past, but in this day of metrosexuality where men are sometimes more concerned with their appearance than women, the argument holds little weight.

. . .

In the words of a friend who embraces the ideas of feminism, "these drink specials are our reparations, we have been discriminated against throughout history, and this is one small way for us to have an advantage just for ladies."

This made me chuckle a little.

Preparing for Christmas Part 3: Preparing to Shop

As you continue readjusting your body for the early morning hours you can also begin working on building your tolerance to the extreme weather conditions you are likely to encounter come Black Friday: rain, snow, sleet, cold, extreme cold, hail, hurricanes, tornados, squalls, nor’easters, floods, tsunami, and volcanic eruptions. This is just the reality that any brave soul must endure if they want to get the hottest deals and be able to out last his of her opponent and fellow shoppers. If you listen to this advice I assure you that when others head for the car to ‘get out the weather’ or get out of line to get a hot beverage, you will still be standing strong and will waver not in the most sever conditions, as you will surely be able to give frost the bite.

First, start taking cold showers several times a day. Don’t be a sissy and start with hot water and slowly turn off the hot water till the water is cold -- cool and lukewarm water should not be considered. So just start off with cold water. This will not only help you prepare for the hours you will be standing outside in the cold humid pre-sunrise hours, but you will actually save on your energy bill (as you won’t have to use hot water for showering), cut down on water consumption (even three cold water showers uses less water as you will spend less time showering), and have more time throughout the day as you will take very fast showers. Showers at this point are purely functional: to build tolerance and to clean one’s self. Showers are not for enjoyment during the holiday shopping season. You can enjoy your showers 11 other months out the year.

Second, once your body has become used to cold showers, take an old aluminum wash tub fill it with ice and water and stand in it beginning with 10 minute intervals and working your way up to one hour. You can practice this at home, at work, or at school. People will not understand why you are carrying a large aluminum wash-tub with you or why you are standing in ice water. You will likely receive many strange looks, but don’t let that bring you down: they don’t understand the seriousness of the holiday shopping season. Plus, after their children get beat up at school for not having the newest and coolest toys after Christmas, they will likely be asking you for advice. Fell free to pass along the information you learn here. If you haven’t realized it by now, this exercise will prepare your feet for standing in the snow. If it isn’t snowing it will most certainly be cold and raining, which will soak your shoes after standing outside for hours waiting for the stores to open. Cold wet shoes are not a pleasant experience, especially if you have to wear those shoes all day, so this exercise helps prepare your feet.

Third, after completing the feet exercise, begin working on your total body. That’s right. Full body ice baths. Progress in the same manner as with your feet. This will prepare your entire body to brave and tolerate the most extreme weather conditions that you will encounter on Black Friday.

Fourth, this final exercise is perhaps the most difficult. Have your friends sneak up behind you and dump buckets of ice water over you multiple times through the course of the day (Think of the NFL and the Gatorade baths that the coaches get after winning the Super Bowl.). It is best that your friends surprise you at multiple times of the day: at the water cooler, in bed with your spouse, driving your kids to school, etc . . . This will teach you to, like the Boy Scouts, always be prepared. No sudden weather change will catch you off guard.

Now, if you follow this advice that I pass on here, I assure that you will be able to out last Jack Frost himself, be able to climb Mt Everest wearing nothing but flip-flops and a Hawaiian shirt and shorts, and be able to help old ladies cross the street. I guarantee that the advice given above is trust worthy and that it does work if you don’t short change your preparation. I am not only the writer but also a practitioner of the above exercises.

Next: Decorations and Media

Coffee Talk in New Orleans

I'm back in NOLA for Thanksgiving. I'm currently in a local coffee shop to do some reading for my classes. If you ever wonder what the old guys who sit in the coffee shops all day talk about in New Orleans here are a a couple of reoccurring topics.
1. Hilary Clinton wanting to be president again.
2. Fake republicans v. Real republicans.
3. Hurricane Katrina.
4. Starbucks Sucks.
5. Community Coffee is better.
6. The price of coffee before Hurricane Katrina and the price after (it has gone up about $0.45 a cup).
7. Deer Season.
8. How the world would be perfect if people only listened to them.
9. Who makes the better po-boy in town and the best way to boil (berl) crawfish.
10. The 'mountains' in Northern Louisiana. -- really just some small hills, but large by Louisiana standards.
11. Religion (Catholic)
12. LSU, Les Miles, Michigan, BCS, Bowl games.
13. Blanco Sucks.
Seriously, these guys crack me up.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Preparing for Christmas Part 2: Awaking/Rising

By now you should have already made it out to the malls and made all the preparations for driving and parking come the holiday season. If you haven't, don't worry. There is still time as long as you act quickly.

It is no surprise that if you brave the crowds on Black Friday that you will need to be in the utmost physical condition. Exercising, dieting, healthy eating, and taking vitamins are all a good way to get into peek physical condition necessary for surviving the holiday season intact complete with no missing limbs, digits or broken bones -- bruises, gashes, stitches, and mental health are another issue all together and will not be discussed in these posting. However, there is one issue to the holiday shopping season that is too often overlooked and that is the issue of morning awaking and rising. This is key, for without awaking and rising in the morning then you can't actually get to the stores each day to secure the hottest deals. So this is the most logical place to start in regards to shopping.

These days, stores are opening at increasingly earlier hours each year in a way that only seems to grow ever more exponentially. Just the other day I heard of a store that will be opening at 3 a.m. this year. These new hours certainly are ridiculous. So to help you, the shopper, to prepare for these early hours, I have developed a plan.

First, you need to be focused on shopping. Put all other things aside. You can worry about that religious stuff and your family later. After all you are shopping for your family and for Jesus Birthday. Anyway, focus on shopping the entire time. Do not focus on anything else but shopping. Your mantra should be, "Shop till I drop. Then shop some more." or "The early to rise get their kid a surprise." Make about 1000 copies of each and post it in every place you will be throughout the day: bathroom, purse, wallet, rear view mirror, etc . . . I suggest tattooing it on your forehead -- that way it is with you at all times. Failure to do so will result in your child not getting the cool new toy for Christmas and then getting beat up at school for not having been given the cool new toy for Christmas. You don't want your child getting punched in the stomach, head flushed in the toilet, and laughed at simply because you couldn't focus enough on shopping so as to acquire the brand new Wii complete with charging stations and Mario Galaxy.

Second, go to the nearest store and buy a number of alarm clocks and kitchen timers – 13 or 14 of each should do fine.

Third, place all the alarm clocks and kitchen timers in ever room of the house and in your office at work.

Fourth, set those clocks and timers to go off at three-hour intervals. It is important to have all the clocks synchronized to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) to insure all biological rhythms are kept in pace, so you might need to implore the help of a friend to accomplish this task. By doing this, your body will eventually become accustom to awaking every three hours, and you will easily be able to shop at any time of day. Wal-Mart starts a sale at 1:30 a.m.? No Problem, you will be ready. Also the pattern you are establishing will help you make the most efficient use of your time during the holiday season.

Fifth, when any alarm sounds, regardless of the time of day, you must practice doing dry runs of what you will do come shopping day. So, whatever you are doing, drop it, and run to the shower, get dressed and be in your car ready to pull out of the driveway in ten minutes or less. It is crucial that you be able to leave your residence in exactly 10 minutes in hope of acquiring the best holiday deals. Failure to do so will result in a very unpleasant Christmas morning.

Next: (Part 3) preparing for shopping day continued.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Preparing for Christmas Part 1: Parking

The Christmas season is approaching fast, or what most people call the Christmas season which is really the Advent season. This means that there is much preparation to do with only a very limited amount of time. In this multi part series, I will be working you through some of the finer points of preparing for the holiday season. This part is dedicated to parking and how to prepare for doing it on Black Friday and beyond.

First, learn how the car you will be driving to the mall performs and how fast it can go from 0 mph - 60 mph. This bit of information will help you in determining whether or not you can out gun a fellow shopper to the recently exited parking place on the near by row. After having the above information, practice pulling in and out of your garage at extremely high speeds. The garage provides the perfect testing ground for simulating a parking place at the mall. The narrower your garage the better, as it will get you more comfortable for the initial run. I recommend doing a fast lap or two around the block so as to build up to max speed and get practice at leaning into the turns and high velocities. Learning to make tight turns at high speeds is key to acquiring any parking place at the mall during the holiday season. Also, it is encouraged that you become comfortable with weaving in and out of traffic and stopping on a dime, for this is a useful parking lot skill. For those people who are daring, I highly recommend learning how to use the power-slide to parallel park. It is quick, efficient, and will almost certainly secure you a parking place. Remember, how you practice is how you will perform when it matters most, so don’t skirt or short change your self on the practice runs.

Second, after learning how your car handles, go to the malls that you will be shopping at through the holiday season. Map the layout of the lot. Are there parking garages that you can use, a roof that you can park on, or a near by street? You should also consider the lay of the spaces themselves: are the spaces parallel to each other or are the all angled so that you can only enter the spot from one direction? These are things to consider, as they will make the parking experience the more efficient. Also, it is of grave importance to calculate how an asphalt parking lot handles differently than a regular cement lot, so practice all you high speed maneuvers to determine how to react come shopping time.

Thirdly, come shopping day, do not be afraid. Fear is your enemy and a weakness. Provided that you have done the necessary practice and learned the parking lots of the malls at which you will be shopping, you should be fine and have nothing to fear. You have even less to fear if you drive a large SUV, as you can easily intimidate any smaller vehicles that are in the lot searching for a parking place. Intimidating other drivers is crucial in obtaining the most coveted of spaces, most people believe that acquiring a parking place is not worth wrecking their car. Use this against your opponent. Be sure to show your teeth while going up and down each isle – even more so when you pass a fellow shopper looking for a place to become free. Growling and grunt is a necessity. I also suggest caring packets of Alka-Seltzer and chewing on a couple of tablets as you drive in the parking lots so as to give the impression of a crazed rabid person in search of prey. This is highly effective, as it will stop drivers in their tracks, which will give you the opportunity to jump ahead and pull into the recently vacated spot. Lastly, do not be afraid to shake your head neurotically and let out a deep yaoup as if you are Xena or William Wallace. Every bit helps and increases your possibility of puling into a parking place with ease. Remember, do not fear, the other drivers can smell it, and if they smell it then you have already lost and will most likely spend hours in search of a parking place.

Lastly, if for whatever reason you cannot find a place to park simply pray “Hail Mary full of grace / help me find a parking place.”

There are several movie you can watch that will help you get a feel for high speed travels, sudden stops, and tight turns: any James Bond movie, The Blues Brothers, Days of Thunder, Talladega Nights, Cannon Ball Run, and the Fast and The Furious. There are also a couple of video games you can use to help get you in the mood for the holiday parking lot experience: the Grand Turismo series, Spy Hunter, and the Mario Kart series.

Stay tuned for advice on preparing for the shopping experience.

Thursday, November 15, 2007


Authorities are speculating dumping some 2,500 bottles of Jack Daniel's some of which are vintage (100+ years in age). Here for more.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Writer's Block

You ask me what it is to have writer’s block. Listen to me. Here I am, a seasoned veteran and a professional on the subject.

Plagued with writer’s block, I sit and stare at blank paper for hours trying to find words to write. After a period of time, I finally begin. Not liking what I write, I start over. Then, I start over again and again and again, until I’m frustrated and can think no more. If I were smart, I’d take a break, but I’m not that smart, so I continue trying to write some assignment or project in hope of pleasing a teacher or satisfying an editor.

By now, my frustration has escalated and reached a new level. I start to hate writing. I make irrational ejaculations: “Who invented writing anyway? I’d like to punch him in the face!” I mock my editor or teacher in a whiney squeaky voice, “ ‘This will make you a better writer,’ she says.” If I were smart enough, I’d take a break and cool down a bit; however, I continue as if on a mission, and as I shake my fist angrily at my pen I think to myself, “I will finish this damn project! Even if it kills me,” so I write some more.

I crumple the pages of my old ideas. I crumple the pages of my new ideas. I crumple the pages of ideas yet to come, and I wish all paper would disappear. After hours of crumpling, I have collected enough bad ideas to torch a small town.

Still plagued by writer’s block, my frustration spills over into the ‘No Zone’. Now, I wonder if writing is the invention of the devil, and whether if I’m in one of Dante’s rings.

In a desperate attempt to make the project disappear, I perform an irrational act: I rip the project page in half. Then, I rip those halves in half. Then, I rip those halves in half again and again, until all I am left with is confetti. I stab my text and hope to kill it. I hurl my note book at the wall and stomp on it. I curse the discovery of writing and the invention of paper.

I pray to God that this is just a dream, but deep down, I know it’s not a dream. I pray that my teacher or editor does not show up for work. I explain to God, “Nothing serious, maybe diarrhea or an alien abduction.” Then finally, I quit writing and take a long-needed break. Only to return the following the day and complete the assignment without an ounce of trouble. This is writer’s block.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

John Chrysostom on Marriage

I love the quote in the Catechism of the Catholic Church.
St. John Chrysostom suggests that young husbands should say to their wives: I have taken you in my arms, and I love you, and I prefer you to my life itself. For the present life is nothing, and my most ardent dream is to spend it with you in such a way that we may be assured of not being separated in the life reserved for us.... I place your love above all things, and nothing would be more bitter or painful to me than to be of a different mind than you. (§ 2365 CCC)

Some Toilet Humor/News

If you have ever replied "where ever he wants" to that old joke, "Where does a giant go to the bathroom?" you will be happy to know that is no longer the answer. I'm assuming that this will be one toilet not filled with poop . . .

From Article:
SUWON, South Korea — Sim Jae-duck has made his political career as South Korea's Mr. Toilet by beautifying public restrooms. Now he's got a home befitting his title: a toilet-shaped domicile complete with the latest in lavatory luxury.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Death by Powerpoint

Some practical advice for all you Powerpoint users.

I Ban You, Pikachu!

Here is a list of some of the hottest video games and the places and people that either banned them or want them banned. You will never guess who made the list: Pokemon! Click here for more.

Stories like this always raise the same old questions that surround video games and other media: exactly how do video games affect our society and what kind of effect is it?

Not Said By Jesus Sunday (Monday)

Back from NCYC

Back from NCYC. Post on it later. Today is catch up on school work and rest. It was very tiring.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

On the Road Again . . . to NCYC

I'll be out of town for a few days. Helping with a bus trip to the National Catholic Youth Conference from our diocese. If you are going maybe I'll see you there. Peace.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Breast Feeding Found Beneficial

Breast Feeding Found Beneficial.

In other news, water discovered to be wet . . . again.

Writers Guild

Random thought while at work today. Since the Writers Guild is on strike now would be a great opportunity for some good solid catholics to make their way with their funny, ironic, intelligent and not morally crass writing to Hollywood. Just a thought.

I'm ready for my chance Mr. Spielberg.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Wall Street Journal and Saint Joseph

The Wall Street Journal has an Article about burying and praying for intercession from Saint Joseph to help people sell their house. This seems like a real catichetical moment.

From Article:
Cari Luna is Jewish by heritage and Buddhist by religion. She meditates regularly. Yet when she and her husband put their Brooklyn, N.Y., house on the market this year and offers kept falling through, Ms. Luna turned to an unlikely source for help: St. Joseph . . . "I wasn't sure if it would be disrespectful for me, a Jewish Buddhist, to co-opt this saint for my real-estate purposes," says Ms. Luna, a writer. She figured, "Well, could it hurt?"
This article makes me think of a few things:
1. I guess Saint Joseph doesn't discriminate.
2. If Buddha couldn't help you sell your house and meditation didn't work and you abandoned your Jewish faith and the one thing that does work is prayer for the intercession of Saint Joseph to sell your house and it works, wouldn't that mean that God is bigger and better along with the saints than Buddha and any mere regular meditation?
3. I guess Catholics should become Realtors. It's in their spiritual make up.

Cigarettes for Life: An Idea So Dumb Only Congress Could Think of It

Buy a pack or a carton of cigs and save a child's life. I've always said that here in America if something makes sense we are obligated to do the contrary.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Plan A

Seems to me that people should be relying more on Plan A than on Plan B.

Plan Abstinence till marriage.

Super Villian Makes Suggestions to God on Creation

Super Villain Makes Suggestions to God on Creation.

Graduate Writing

Ever wondered what graduate students in theology write about when not blogging or working?
Currently in my American Catholicism class, which has a moral theology emphasis, we are reading "We Hold These Truths" by John Courtney Murray. My assignment is to write a five page paper on some aspect of Murray's writings. I'm planning to write 5 pages on this sentence: "And in the end every structure of moral doctrine and decision rests on a concept of the nature of man" (Truths 284).

Easy right? Well, not when you have to link it to the American culture and keep it to only 5 pages. I chose the sentence because Murray never discusses the nature of humanity in this book, now he might be acting under the given that the nature of man is that which is promoted by the catholic church, which would explain this lacking aspect of this book. Also, the nature of man is a very vast topic that can span volumes of books and Murray only has a limited about of space. More specifically I chose the topic because he says three things about moral doctrine and decisions. First, that there is a structure to moral doctrine and decisions. Second, that the nature of man and how he and God relate and interact with each other is crucial to that structure. Finally, It is important to have a proper understanding of that nature.

I'm not seeking to define the nature of man, only how having an improper understanding of the foundation of moral doctrine and decisions affects the structure of moral doctrine and decisions.

Not Said By Jesus Sunday

I've recently decided to begin a regularly occurring feature on the blog. It will be things NOT said by Jesus. There was much feedback from readers on here and on other blogs that linked to mine that I thought it would be fun to do a weekly feature on the subject. I'll do my best to archive them under one post on the "Original Posts" section. I hope to have it up later today. I will also try to post one (or more) Thing not said by Jesus on Sunday or Monday. It just depends on how busy I am and whether or not I'm in town.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Today in Drivers Ed . . .

what not to do. This is good for a laugh.

Colbert Update

Well, looks like Colbert did not make it on the South Carolina democratic ticket. That's OK. Come election time, I'll be wielding my pen with a write-in for Colbert. Personally, I don't think either party should be worried about a Satirical News Personality running for president. Meaning it is kind of like the tooth fairy running for the presidency. It is not Colbert himself that would be running. It would be his make believe TV personalty running. Besides, he himself did say that he just wanted to run for president, and that he doesn't want to be president.

New Potter Book?!?

It's her first book written after Harry Potter series, but its not about Harry or his friends. However it is a tie in to the Potter series. Also, good luck getting a copy. There are only 7 copies in print. One is being auctions in December with a starting bid of $62,000.

From Article:
LONDON - J.K. Rowling has completed her first book not to feature teen wizard Harry Potter an illustrated collection of magical fairy stories titled "The Tales of Beedle the Bard." . . . "It's not about Harry, Ron and Hermione, but it comes from that world," she told BBC radio in an interview broadcast Thursday.

Facebook: More Popular Than Porn

From Article: (my comments in Red)
Perhaps a more interesting — and more accurate — way to figure out where college students are going online is to assess which of the 172 web categories tracked by Hitwise get the most hits from 18- to 24-year-olds. Here's a shocker: Porn is not No. 1. I've actually been puzzled by the decrease in visits to the Adult Entertainment category over the last two years. [What exactly is there to puzzle over? Is porn so deeply entrenched in our society that it is difficult to think that people might be interested in doing something else? I don't think it is something to puzzle over. I almost think it is something to celebrate.] Visits to porn sites have dropped from 16.9% of all site visits in the U.S. in October 2005 to 11.9% as of last week, a 33% decline. Currently, for web users over the age of 25, Adult Entertainment still ranks high in popularity, coming in second, after search engines. Not so for 18- to 24-year-olds, for whom social networks rank first, followed by search engines, then web-based e-mail — with porn sites lagging behind in fourth. Why do I have have the strange sense that the writer is lamenting porn not being number 1 in people's lives? If you chart the rate of visits to social-networking sites against those to adult sites over the last two years, there appears to be a strong negative correlation (i.e., visits to social networks go up as visits to adult sites go down). It's a leap to say there's a real correlation there [No, correlation is correct. There is certainly a relation between social network visits and adult site visits as you have pointed out in your investigation. This correlation might be a mere coincidence. Like the strange correlative statistic that says when ice cream sale increase so do armed robberies. Now this too is a correlation, but it is not a causation. Ice cream is not causing armed robberies. The question the writer is asking is one of causation and not correlation, as he wants to know whether or not the increase in Social Network visits is causing the decrease in porn site visits. I would think so.], but if there is one, then I'd bet it has everything to do with Gen Y's changing habits: they're too busy chatting with friends to look at online skin. Imagine. [Yeah, imagine. People more interested in communicating with one another instead of using one another. Go figure.]

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Litany of the New Orleans Saints

Happy All Saints Day. Here is a litany of a different sort.

Shean Paton, Hear us.
Tom Benson, Hear us.
Mickey Loomis, Hear us.

Saint Brees and Saint Martin, Throw some touchdowns
Saint Marques Colston, catch the ball.
Saints Moore and Meachem, catch the ball.
Saint Copper and Saint Henderson, catch the ball.
Saints Bush, break through the line.
Saint Stecker, break through the line.
Saint Thomas and Saint Karney, break through the line.
Saint Deuce, get healthy.
Saints Owens, Johnson, Miller and Ronnie, block the rush.
Saint Faine, snap the ball.
Saint Goodwin, snap the ball.
Saint Grant, stop the run.
Saint Smith, stop the run.
Saint Simoneau, sack the quarter back.
Saint Fujita, sack the quarter back.
Saint Mitchell and Saint Simmons, sack the quarter back.
Saint Thomas, cover your man.
Saint McKenzie, cover your man.
Saints David and Craft, cover your man.
Saint Young, cover you man.
Saint Bellamy, do your thing.
Saint Reis and Saint Bullocks, do your thing.
Saint Kaesviharn and Saint Harper, do your thing.
Saint Mare, through the uprights.
Saint Weatherford, kick it long.

All you athletic men, play well.
All you talented men, play hard.
All you professionals, play fair.

Here is a link to the REAL Litany of the Saints.
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