Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Coffee Talk in New Orleans

I'm back in NOLA for Thanksgiving. I'm currently in a local coffee shop to do some reading for my classes. If you ever wonder what the old guys who sit in the coffee shops all day talk about in New Orleans here are a a couple of reoccurring topics.
1. Hilary Clinton wanting to be president again.
2. Fake republicans v. Real republicans.
3. Hurricane Katrina.
4. Starbucks Sucks.
5. Community Coffee is better.
6. The price of coffee before Hurricane Katrina and the price after (it has gone up about $0.45 a cup).
7. Deer Season.
8. How the world would be perfect if people only listened to them.
9. Who makes the better po-boy in town and the best way to boil (berl) crawfish.
10. The 'mountains' in Northern Louisiana. -- really just some small hills, but large by Louisiana standards.
11. Religion (Catholic)
12. LSU, Les Miles, Michigan, BCS, Bowl games.
13. Blanco Sucks.
Seriously, these guys crack me up.

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