Sunday, November 04, 2007

Graduate Writing

Ever wondered what graduate students in theology write about when not blogging or working?
Currently in my American Catholicism class, which has a moral theology emphasis, we are reading "We Hold These Truths" by John Courtney Murray. My assignment is to write a five page paper on some aspect of Murray's writings. I'm planning to write 5 pages on this sentence: "And in the end every structure of moral doctrine and decision rests on a concept of the nature of man" (Truths 284).

Easy right? Well, not when you have to link it to the American culture and keep it to only 5 pages. I chose the sentence because Murray never discusses the nature of humanity in this book, now he might be acting under the given that the nature of man is that which is promoted by the catholic church, which would explain this lacking aspect of this book. Also, the nature of man is a very vast topic that can span volumes of books and Murray only has a limited about of space. More specifically I chose the topic because he says three things about moral doctrine and decisions. First, that there is a structure to moral doctrine and decisions. Second, that the nature of man and how he and God relate and interact with each other is crucial to that structure. Finally, It is important to have a proper understanding of that nature.

I'm not seeking to define the nature of man, only how having an improper understanding of the foundation of moral doctrine and decisions affects the structure of moral doctrine and decisions.

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