Monday, November 05, 2007

Wall Street Journal and Saint Joseph

The Wall Street Journal has an Article about burying and praying for intercession from Saint Joseph to help people sell their house. This seems like a real catichetical moment.

From Article:
Cari Luna is Jewish by heritage and Buddhist by religion. She meditates regularly. Yet when she and her husband put their Brooklyn, N.Y., house on the market this year and offers kept falling through, Ms. Luna turned to an unlikely source for help: St. Joseph . . . "I wasn't sure if it would be disrespectful for me, a Jewish Buddhist, to co-opt this saint for my real-estate purposes," says Ms. Luna, a writer. She figured, "Well, could it hurt?"
This article makes me think of a few things:
1. I guess Saint Joseph doesn't discriminate.
2. If Buddha couldn't help you sell your house and meditation didn't work and you abandoned your Jewish faith and the one thing that does work is prayer for the intercession of Saint Joseph to sell your house and it works, wouldn't that mean that God is bigger and better along with the saints than Buddha and any mere regular meditation?
3. I guess Catholics should become Realtors. It's in their spiritual make up.

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