Thursday, December 06, 2007

Christmas Songs that We Will Never Hear

24 hours of Christmas music makes a person think. What kind of Christmas songs never made the cut to become Christmas songs on the radio? Here are a few suggestions. Feel Free to Share your own suggestions.
1. Santa had a Heart Attack.
2. Santa Needs to Go on a Diet.
3. Frank the Bitter Disgruntle Christmas Elf.
4. Mommy Stood in Line for 13 Hours To Get You This Gift, and Santa Gets All the Credit.
5. Christmas Bankruptcy Blues.
6. I'll Have an Air Conditioned Christmas.
7. Noisy Reckless Holiday Gathering.
8. Uncle Dan: Not Smarter than Daniel the Christmas Donkey
9. Chilly the Cool Christmas Puddle (aka, Have You Seen Frosty Lately?)
10. Jesus Wants Me to Celebrate His Birthday by Overeating, Sleeping, and Being a Lazy Bum on the Couch While Watching the Planet of the Apes Marathon for the 15th year in a Row.
11. Licking Frost Covered Poles is Fun!
12. I'm Dreaming of a Yellow Snowball Fight.
13. All I Want for Christmas is a PS3 . . . and I Don't Care if I Send My Family to the Poor House as Long as I can Blow Things Up in Blue Ray High Def.
14. I Saw Mommy Talking to Santa About Remaining Faithful to Mrs. Clause.
15. Scrooge Was Right.
16. Heaux, Heaux, Heaux, Geaux, Geaux, Geaux, Neaux, Neaux, Neaux (for my Louisiana readers).


The Crescat said...

or the carol we sing every year at gatherings... I'll have a dysfunctional family night.

Anonymous said...

More new Christmas songs on Christmas radio stations

Tony said...

Rudolph the red-nosed warthog.

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