Wednesday, December 26, 2007

March for Life: Help for Teens

It's about one month from the March for Life in DC and high school teens across America are going to have to start asking their parents for permission to miss school in order to march for life. Here are some reasons the teens can give their parents on why they should let their sons and daughters march for life
  1. The babies depend on it.
  2. Not only the babies, but also the elderly, sick, disabled, poor, and over worked.
  3. I am standing up for something I believe in.
  4. For the health of women and awareness of men.
  5. My voice will be heard along with 100,000 + other people who have the same feelings and beliefs as I do.
  6. I will help make a public witness to the governments and the nation.
  7. Civil rights aren't dead, and I should be involved in procuring those rights for all people regardless of race, creed, or age.
  8. I will be actively involved in a good cause.
  9. We will learn first hand media bias when the news fails to report 100,000+ people marching on the capital for life but instead feels more obliged to tell us about Paris Hilton's latest tattoo, sex tape, or other antic.
  10. I can get extra credit in my Social Studies, History, English, and/or Religion class.
  11. To help raise national awareness that life is precious beautiful, and sacred and should be respected at all stages of life.
  12. I will learn new jargon. "Womb to Tomb" and "Seamless garment of life."
  13. I will have the opportunity to hear leading government officials as well as leading church figures speak to the United States and Youth of America on the importance of life.
  14. Because 100,000+ people of all races, religions, genders, etc . . . marching together in a common belief will be an inspiring experience.
  15. I can write about it for my college application process.
  16. Because abortion, euthanasia, and the disposal of the unwanted of our society is unAmerican, and it is our moral, ethical, and political responsibility to raise awareness about issues that are dangerous to the American way of life.
Feel free to add some of your own.

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