Saturday, January 26, 2008

On Retreat

I'll be leaving for a retreat tomorrow morning. Won't be back home till Thursday. No blogging till I return. However, prayers for a fruitful experience would be great.

Not Said By Jesus Sunday (early edition)

Snakes on a Plane . . . literally

From Story:
HANOI (Reuters) - Vietnam has seized more than a ton of ratsnakes found aboard a Vietnam Airlines flight from Bangkok, the second time in about a month such snakes were found in air cargo to Vietnam, state media said on Friday.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

March for Life 2008

Washington DC. January 22, 2008 (A&Y) [Pictures from March] – Tuesday began earlier than what most teens and college students would have liked, but an early rise and inclement weather looming all day did not damper the spirits of more than 20,000 young Catholics who packed into the Verizon Center (home of the NHL’s Capitals and NBA’s Wizards) to participate in the annual Rally for Life and Youth Mass in Washington DC. Those who could not find seats sat in the halls of the Verizon Center and watched the event’s happenings on the TVs near the concession stands.

Hosted by the Archdiocese of Washington, the annual Rally for Life and Youth Mass drew together youth from all cultures and classes to hear the message of the Gospel of life. Through song, dance, story and testimony -- featuring musicians and lay ecclesial ministers Steve Angrisano, ValLimar Jansen and Matt Maher -- all that were present proclaimed together that their voice would not be silenced, and their generation would not be killed.

Present at the mass were all of the US Cardinals, over 25 bishops (including Bishop Saltarelli from the diocese of Wilmington and Archbishop Hughes from the archdiocese of New Orleans) and several hundred concelebrating priests. Before the start of mass the assembly was treated to a message from Pope Benedict XVI via the Apostolic Nuncio to the United States where he said Benedict “sees a radiant sign of hope for the future in this yearly witness of the Gospel of life.”

After mass, the participants exited the Verizon Center and marched to the Mall with vigor issuing pro-life chants and songs that undoubtedly ascended into the heavens to tickle the toes of angels. At the Mall, the youth from the Center meet up with the other more than 100,000 marchers and caught the end of the rally on the grass at the Mall.

The message being delivered at the Mall Rally by the United States politicians was unanimous: being pro-choice is the same as being un-American. To make their point, the politicians often quoted the Declaration of Independence, as they saw the pro-choice movement being incompatible to the self-evident truths and unalienable Rights of “Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness” mentioned in one of America’s founding documents.

Congressman Mike Pence of Indiana gave a double-edged message as he said that “life is winning in America, but losing in DC.” Though the message might seem grim, the congressman predicted a pro-life congress in 2008 and encourage all pro-life supporters to take the three part Henry Hyde approach to the issue at hand: 1) Say your prayers. 2) Life is God’s cause not ours. 3) Take the long view (don’t seek immediate results).

Other politicians issued similar statements and several reminded those gathered for the march that the pro-life movement is not a political, spiritual or religious movement, but it is instead a moral movement that is not limited to people of any one persuasion.

Former presidential candidate, Senator Sam Brownback, made plain that the enemy to the pro-life movement is not the pro-choice movement. Instead, the Senator said, “Our enemy is death. Our enemy is fear. Our enemy is despair.” He furthered encourage all present to “End this night of death.” Senator Brownback later said that he looks forward to a future where “ [death has been replaced] with a playful child.”

Pictures from March Click Here.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Now Open for Business

Introducing the Alive and Young Shop over at Cafepress. The first product I have put up for sale is a Chesterton bumper sticker. Show your Chesterton fandom on your car, truck, notebook, or computer. Give it to a friend as a gift, or sneak on to NASA and put it on the space shuttle.

Click here for more information.

Not Said By Jesus Sunday

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Signs You are Living in a Postmodern World

  1. The light bulbs in your house will last longer than your current relationship (dating or otherwise).
  2. Your car is starting to resemble the home entertainment center in your living room.
  3. You plan to retire…
  4. Your family is no longer your retirement but some guy in a cheap suit with a bad toupee who constantly talks about IRAs and interest rates is.
  5. People no longer have sex, and words no longer have gender.
  6. Socializing with friends or spending time with your family means sitting in a dimly lit room, in silence, staring at a flickering light.
  7. You think love is solely a feeling and emotion and has nothing to do with choice.
  8. You have no notion of how to define “freedom”.
  9. Your name is “Scott Bayo”, you are 46, and you are pregnant.
  10. The warranty on your stove, washer, or other major kitchen appliance will out last the average length of most people’s first marriage.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Cloverfield: Movie Review

I just got back from seeing Cloverfield. All I can say is "wow" this is one of the best horror/monster films I have seen in along time. It is certainly worth seeing. Much better than the new Will Smith movie "I am Legend", which ironically also takes place in Manhattan.

The movie is set in Manhattan and covers a period of approximately 10-12 hours. The movie follows five characters as they try to both escape the city and rescue a friend from a monster attacking the city -- all of which the audiences experiences via one of the character's camcorder (think Blair Witch). This is a very different approach to the genre, as one would expect to be getting information and watching the happenings of events from the government or military point of view. Cloverfield basically ignores that perspective and solely focuses on the view and experience of the five friends running through the streets, buildings, and subways of the city.

Though the movie is relatively short, the film is fast paced, packed with action, and very intense -- so it feels like you are in the theater longer than what you really are. The writers and actors do a great job in drawing the audience into the action and letting them experience, even if just a bit, some of the stress and anxiety that they experience when fleeing from a giant monster rampaging through the streets of Manhattan -- without a doubt the shaky camcorder cinematography lends much to the feeling that you are watching a home movie.

The monster is certainly original, I think. It reminds one of Godzilla, or maybe King Kong, or then again it could be something else. That is, you don't really learn much about the monster in the movie. There are enough camera shots of the monster that give you an idea of what it might be, and what is given makes it difficult to form an exhaustive sketch. You will leave the theater trying to figure out what the monster is -- did it come from the ocean, outter space, a worm hole, a botched experiment, biological warfare gone wrong? Who knows. But this is for certain, the monster will be remember when you leave.

If you like happy endings, well there is hope.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?

Over at the IC. She and the Spouse of the IC (SIC) have been posing the question to different theologians, saints, and congregations "Why did the chicken cross the road?" You can find both posts here: Part 1 and Part 2. Now the Curt Jester has some responses from other theologians on the same question following in the IC fashion. However, I saw that the posts were forgetting about our separated brethren , so I thought, how would other religions answer the question "Why did the chicken cross the road?" Here is how I imagine they might answer the question:

  • Confucianism: Confucius says, "The Chicken crossed the road because the chicken crossed the road."
  • Buddhism: “There is no road.”
  • Hinduism: “This chicken used to be somebody on the other side of the road”
  • Islam: “The Chicken crossed because it was the will of Allah”
  • Agnosticism: “Did the chicken really cross the road? Is there even a chicken? Is there even a road?”
  • Materialism: "There is nothing else but chickens and roads."
  • Atheism: “There is No Chicken and there has never been a road.”
  • Catholicism: “The Chicken crossed the road because it was Friday and we were having a Lenten fish fry. Where’s my beer?”
  • Protestantism: “The Chicken crossed the road because it says so in the bible.”
  • Presbyterianism: “The chicken crossed because it was bound to happen.”
  • Episcopalianism: “The chicken crossed the road because it was part of a liturgical procession.”
  • Jehovah's Witness: Knock, Knock, "Have you heard the good news about chicken?”
  • Judaism: “It wasn’t kosher. No get out of my face.”
  • Darwinism: “The chicken crossed the road because it was in its third stage of the evolutionary process from the islands off the cost of the cape and shared a common ancestor as the kiwi bird."
  • Televangelism: "That Chicken is tax deductible if you donate it now."
  • Creationism: “because the chicken was made that way since August 12, 4004 BC.”
  • Existentialism: “What is a chicken anyway and for that matter what is a road?”
  • Baptist: “That chicken crosses that road all wrong. I’ll show that chicken how to cross that road.”
  • Paganism: “All worship the mighty goddess chicken”
  • Pentacostal: “Praise God, the chicken crossed the road!”
  • Fundamentalism: “There are no chickens in the bible.”
  • Vegetarianism: “That poor bird! You animal pigs! You should eat tofu!”
  • Mormanism: “The Chicken crossed the road.”
  • Wicca: “The chicken is goddess too.”
  • Moonies: “That’s one happy chicken.”
  • Capitalism: “Is that the best price you can give me for a road crossing chicken?”
  • Mysticism: “The chicken crossed the road by not crossing the road.”
  • Americanism: “Where’s the nearest Popeyes?”

Almost Thomist: Is Chivalry Dead?

Is Chivalry Dead?

Objection 1: It would seem that chivalry is dead today. For there is no need for chivalry in an age with no knights and ladies.

Objection 2: Further, in our current culture, men and women are considered equals. Because men and women are equals it would seem that a code such as chivalry is no longer needed.

Objection 3: Further, the object of chivalry seems to be the oppression of women. Christ came to liberate all from all kind of oppression and therefore chivalry is not in actuality a good, but a tool for the enslavement of women.

On the Contrary, it is written “Love your neighbor as yourself” (Matt 22:39).

I answer that, chivalry is not dead as it is right with the order of justice. As justice is the virtue of establishing right relationships so chivalry is the code of action taken to establish justice between persons. We know from nature that all living things need to be fed in order to remain living. The food for chivalry is virtue, and since we know that there are people that live virtuous lives we know that chivalry is not dead.

Reply to Objection 1: Though there are not knights in our current time, chivalry has little to do with military rank. The end of chivalry is right relationships between people.

Reply to Objection 2: There are many things that women can do and do equally as well as a man. Yet, according to the philosopher we know that each sex has different predications to its form. Because of these different predications to the form of the person it is known that man and woman are not the same. They may be equal in quality or quantity or in their end, but that does not mean they are the same. Since man and woman are equal and not the same, it is right to say that they will interact differently with each other and to act wrongly outside of charity is to operate outside of justice. Further, because each person is different, each relationship will be different and will require varying degrees of chivalry in order for justice to be had.

Reply to Objection 3: The object of chivalry as well as its subject is another person. Chivalry is reciprocal and requires participation from two parties in order for it to reach its end. Though Christ came to liberate us all from oppression, he did not come to liberate us from virtue, for chivalry requires virtue, specifically humility from both parties, in order to be made actual. Chivalry’s end, as stated, is right relationship. The oppression and enslavement of women is not in line with the order of justice and these actions cannot be considered chivalry.

This is My Body.

X-Files 2 . . . the movie

Looks like Chris Carter is making another X-Files movie. Duchovny and Anderson are set to play their characters from the tv show.

Screen Shots here.

Just Sex

Father Richard G Mallory S.J. talks about just sex. That is, how do justice and sex meet one another? I never before thought about sex and justice coinciding.

From Article:
We all are called to be chaste, integrated and loving, whether we are having sex or not. To know if your sex life is chaste, integrated and loving, ask yourself a simple question: “Do my sexual choices demonstrate justice?”

At this point my students are still attentive and listening, but the justice idea just sprained their brains. The wrinkled brows and questioning eyes communicate they’re with me but not understanding. They are wondering, “What the hell does justice have to do with sex?” Justice is the virtue of establishing right relationships. Sex, like everything else in our lives from economic activity to family relationships, must be engaged in justly, in ways that make our lives—and others’—worth living. As those called to transformation in Christ, we owe it to one another to understand sex as a relational reality between persons, not as a meeting of "things."

. . .

The sad fact is that too many of today’s young people are culturally conditioned to kneel down for oral sex or offer themselves on contemporary altars (i.e., beds) before such relationships can be born, nurtured and allowed to grow.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Ash Wednesday Day of Reflection

The latest flyer I made for the parish happenings. (Not actual size even if you click on it.)


From the Email bag.


Why is it that if you don't like something -- say pasta or diet coke -- everyone is ok with that, and your decision is justified by the simple fact that you don't like it. You might even hear people support you for your decision by saying "That's alright. It's a free country. You live how you want to live." Yet, why is it that if someone says they don't like homosexuality they are immediately branded a homophobe without reason or explanation?

I personally don't like stealing or murder, yet I would never call someone a steal-aphobe or a murder--phobe by the mere fact that they don't like stealing or murder. I can't wait till Coke starts demanding an apology for all those people who don't like their drinks -- all those coke-ophobes. Besides, why can't a person still have a personal opinion about something?

Well, the Curt Jester has advice for people who are called homophobes for the mere fact that they disagree with homosexuality.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

What is a cell worth?

Two Cool Feist Videos

I love it when music videos use only one camera shot and no editing to make a video. I think it takes a certain degree of creativity that are lost one most music videos. Here are two from the artist Feist.

How Dare You Invade Upon My Freedom

Saint Vincent College, and catholic too boot, recently installed filters that prevent porn sites from being viewed on their network. This reminds me of This: I got made fun of by Ron Jermey and laughed at by 1,256 people.

Also see What's Wrong With Porn over at Mary's Aggies.

Monday, January 14, 2008

One MEAN Cookie

A cook tries to find the recipe for the perfect chocolate chip cookie. What she discovers is one mean cookie, literally.

From article:
After my best chocolate chip cookie search post yielded 26 recipes in 24 hours, I knew I had too many cookie recipes to bake each and every one. So like any good geek, I averaged the recipes to make the best cookie recipe ever, or what I call a Mean Chocolate Chip Cookie. Get it? Mean? Ha ha ha.
I kind of want to make the recipe to see how they taste. Let me know if there is anyone out there daring enough to make them. I'd love to know what you think.

The Pressure of the World Revolving Around You

I was doing some research on Evangelical Catholicism for a paper -- which by the way if you know any good sources for the topic please pass them along, as the info on Evangelical Catholicism I am finding is sparse and not adequate. Anyway, I was using the ND journal search engine and I received several hits from the magazine America, on the same page as the article was this cartoon. Oh the article was unhelpful, but cartoon made me laugh.

PS. The pressure of the world revolving around Christ made him sweat blood. Do you think you could do better?

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Not Said By Jesus Sunday

New Header

New Header. Yes? No? I'm not sold on it. I like the original. A little simpler. Maybe I'll keep it for a while.

But thanks to the IC for directing me to the web page that helped me make the new header.

No Non-Smoking Only

In short, a German business man fires several of his staff because they did not smoke. I don't know why, but for some reason this makes me laugh -- probably because it is so ridiculous.

From story:
BERLIN (Reuters) - The owner of a small German computer company has fired three non-smoking workers because they were threatening to disturb the peace after they requested a smoke-free environment.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Potter puppet Pals

Beastly Numbers

Here is a link to a whole score of beastly numbers and other info on the Beast. Click on the link for more beastly numbers.

From Site:
666 Biblical Number of the Beast
660 Approximate Number of the Beast
DCLXVI Roman Numeral of the Beast
665 Number of the Beast's Older Brother
667 Number of the Beast's Younger Sister
664 or 668 Number of the Beast's Next-Door Neighbors
999 Number of the Australian Beast
333 Number of the Semi-Beast (also "Halfway to Hell")
66 Number of the Downsized Beast
6, uh..., I forget Number of the Blond Beast
666.0000 Number of the High Precision Beast

Via Faith Central

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Introducing . . .

An Email from a friend points me to a new blog.
Let me introduce you to our friend, Dismas Drago. A convert to Catholicism, who discribes himself and his blog as following:
Bad Catholic. Good Thief. Wannabe Saint. Now in these dread latter days of the old violent beloved U.S.A. and of the Christ-forgetting Christ-haunted death-dealing Western world, Dismas Drago sits in his front porch rocking chair, watching and writing as the world goes by.
You can find his blog Sunset on the Dragon's Reign here.

Snake In A Garden

At the dawn of time, shortly after the creation of the the know universe, evil entered in an attempt to disrupt the utopia that was in place. In Snake In a Garden, agent A (Samuel L. Jackson) must engage against evil forces in order to stop a cosmological catastrophe from happening. Will agent A succeed in his battles or will time run out and the world be doomed?

The IC and Being Solid

The IC interviews a Professor of Solidarity.

Funny and educational. My favorite kind of learning.

The Frogfather

Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Well, LSU wins the BCS Title game this year. I wonder if this settles the whole SEC v. Big-10 debate, and if it does for how long?

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Ask de Cajun Chef: de Trinity

Dear Cajun Chef,
Can you explain to us the Holy Trinity?

Oh mi yeah cher. But you know dat I am no theologian, yeah? I only know what I know. And what dis poor cook knows is food ami. So if de Holy Trinity is anything like food I make, as pastor Mike over down at San Joan’s he says dat God, He in all His creation, den de Trinity is much like Onion, Green Pepper, and Celery.

Now you know you heard of dese tree vegetables dat make up my food’s trinity. But really, in my cooking, dese tree vegetables are really one seasoning. So dis one seasoning is make up of tree distinct parts. We call it de holy trinity of dee Cajun food. You don’t make much food wit-out de holy trinity down in Acadiana. True wit-out de Holy Trinity what dey be cher? Nothing. So we need both God de Tree and de food’s trinity to survive. But you know dat de holy Lord almighty be one and still tree. How dis is I don't know. I am just de cook. It be de mystery mi cher.

Like I say and like you know, God is tree and so be my seasoning. Don’t be fooled mi ami. Each vegatable is distinct from de other vegetables, but dat seasoning, though we call it seasoning, it really be just vegetables. So de Onion be fully de vegetable. De green pepper be fully de vegetable. De celery be fully de vegetable. But like any poor coonass know each of dem vegetables is not the same as de other. De onion be not de pepper. De pepper be no de onion. De celery be not de onion or de pepper. Truth is what it is and horses may swim in de ocean, but each of de vegetables seem to serve a different function but also a role like de other two. I don’t know maybe de Onion is like de Father, de pepper is like de son, and the celery is like de holy Ghost. Each can be used by it self but is never alone or far from de other two. But what-eva you do it c'est bon in de roux or stew and even betta in my stomach.

Maybe some people don’t listen to me and don’t think dere be a trinity. To see de trinity all you have to do is look in de gumbo pot. Because dere be de gumbo we know dat dere be de trinity of de onion, pepper, and celery. Poo Yie, you can’t have gumbo wit-out de trinity! You can’t have life wit-out de Holy Trinity! So don’t let people tell you otherwise ami.

A Cheap and GREAT Note Taking Pen

How to save $200 and have a cheap Mont Blanc pen. Now you can't use "I don't have a nice writing pen" as the excuse for not writing the next great American novel. You too can now join the elite and snooty people who own Mont Blanc pens. In fact you will be better because you didn't have to place a mortgage on you house or forfeit your child's college fund to buy one.

This is a fancy pen for the common folk.

This does work and yes the pen writes very nice.

A Writing Assignment

I always like to ask myself, "What would I do or say if I were in his/her position?" After asking the question I would then go write about it to try and flush out my ideas and see if I would have done the same or done something other. So here is the latest question that has been on my mind:
"If I was running for president and had to address the issue surrounding my faith and religion and how it does or does not affect my political ideas, positions, views, and alignments, and if my ability to run a country was being questioned on the mere grounds that I subscribe to a different belief system than the majority of Americans what would I say?"
I have in mind both JFK's address when he was running for presidency and most recently Romney's address on his religion and how it has an affect upon his politics. If you are daring and chose to accept the assignment along with me feel free to email me a link to your post and I'll make a post out of the lot.

Friday, January 04, 2008

An Exercise in Virtue

Virtue to develop: patience

How to develop it: Blog or surf the internet using dial-up.

Most web sites these days aren't designed graphically anymore with dial-up speed in mind. Alas, so I will click a link and go make a sandwich.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Not Said By Jesus Sunday (Catch up)

Sorry, I have been a little away from the internet in New Orleans, LA over the holidays. So here are some this not said by Jesus for the Sundays that I have missed and one for this coming Sunday too. I'll be on the road next Sunday so I won't have access to the internet for a few days.

A 6 Year old Speaks on Life.

According to my 6 years old cousin a person is old when their skin is wrinkled, their hair is white, and they are fat.

Also according to my cousin, a person is pregnant if they don't have silver/white hair and they are fat. If a fat person has silver hair they are just old.
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