Wednesday, January 02, 2008

A 6 Year old Speaks on Life.

According to my 6 years old cousin a person is old when their skin is wrinkled, their hair is white, and they are fat.

Also according to my cousin, a person is pregnant if they don't have silver/white hair and they are fat. If a fat person has silver hair they are just old.

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Byzantine, TX said...

Gotta love youthful syllogisms.

In a related story of the amusing nature of youth...

My son nudges me during Divine Liturgy to say he wants to receive. Due to some less than kind behavior to his siblings I told him he would have to "Talk to Father first." (i.e. go to confession).

He responded by saying "Ok." and promptly started walking up the aisle as Father stood ad orientem with chalice raised high in hand.

If I hadn't have stopped him he certainly would have gone up the steps to the altar, tugged Father on the exorassa (robe) mid-prayer, and asked if it was "Ok."

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