Saturday, January 05, 2008

A Writing Assignment

I always like to ask myself, "What would I do or say if I were in his/her position?" After asking the question I would then go write about it to try and flush out my ideas and see if I would have done the same or done something other. So here is the latest question that has been on my mind:
"If I was running for president and had to address the issue surrounding my faith and religion and how it does or does not affect my political ideas, positions, views, and alignments, and if my ability to run a country was being questioned on the mere grounds that I subscribe to a different belief system than the majority of Americans what would I say?"
I have in mind both JFK's address when he was running for presidency and most recently Romney's address on his religion and how it has an affect upon his politics. If you are daring and chose to accept the assignment along with me feel free to email me a link to your post and I'll make a post out of the lot.

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Jeff Miller said...

I think Hilaire Belloc did it best.

"Gentlemen, I am a Catholic," he told them, taking his rosary out of his pocket. "As far as possible, I go to Mass every day. This is a rosary: as far as possible, I kneel down and tell these beads every day. If you reject me on account of my religion, I shall thank God that he has spared me the indignity of being your representative."

There was silence for a few moments, then thunderous applause. He took the seat by 852 votes.

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