Friday, February 01, 2008

Adventures in Catechesis

We find our Apprentice Catechetical Leader (ACL) teaching 8th grade confirmation.

Catechist: Can someone name 1 of the 7 sacraments?
Student: Hope?!


Unknown said...

Alas this is all too common for me. One year... "Give me the name of one of the sacraments." Reply= "Death." (And the 13-yr old was serious ... not joking)

A Deacon walked me through some really interesting math ... we have Religious Ed for 1 hour per week for about 24 weeks in the year. That's 24-hours of instruction a year. Since our program is 8 years, our children are receiving 8 DAYS of formal religious education by the time they leave the program.

Of course, no amount of formal instruction will be of benefit without much education and formation from home.

Emma said...

As a CCD teacher that taught both pre-school and 7th grade, when I myself was in high school, this one made me laugh but also sigh at the same time.

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