Wednesday, February 27, 2008

If Jesus Be Cajun

You are de Tony Chachere’s of de world. But if de Tony’s loses it tastes, mi yeah, with what can it be seasoned? It is no good for nuthin.

You are de bug zapper of de werl. De town set on de levee can’t be hidden, no. No fool, ami, turns on de bug zapper and den brings it inside. No, it be set outside to kill dem skeeters, where it is a help to all de family.

You too, you must help de others, and you should help protect de others from the skeeters that be de devil and glow to guide the good people to de Lawd’s house.


Then he said to them, “The kingdom of heaven is like the woman who waits for the good throws from the parade, and when she sees them, she frantically waves her arms and yells ‘throw me sumthin mista.’ She puts all her dignity aside, runs through the crowd and jumps up and down by the float hoping it will stop soon so that she can grab the good throws.”


He Proposed another parable to them, “The kingdom of heaven may be likened to a man who owns a crawfish farm.” While everyone was asleep, his enemy came and tossed in the catfish into his pond and went off. When his pond filled with catfish and crawfish a worker of the farm owner came to him and said, “Boss, didn’t you throw crawfish in dis here pond? Then why dere be catfish in here?”

The Boss answered, “Oh my yeah, It must have been my enemy Beaudreaux.” His worker answered him, “Do you want us to get rid of de cats?” The boss replied, “No, if you get rids of de cats, you might gets rids of the crawfish too. Let them grow together till crawfish season; then I will say ‘first catch all the cats and we will sell dem to de market where they be butchered and sliced and diced into tiny pieces. Then catch all the crawfish and put then in my pot so dat we have a crawfish berl.”


Byzantine, TX said...

Shoo! I gayrawntee dats sum gud postin!

lvschant said...

Yeah, baby! I loved it... and posted a link to it at my blogsite.

(vox feminae)

E. B. said...

This made my day, PC!

Brian Michael Page said...

Ever wonder what a Glory and Praise or Gather hymnal would look like in Cajun?

Here ah is, Lard.
It be me, Lard.
Ah have heard yer shout-outs in de nights...


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