Friday, February 08, 2008

Wikipedia Makes Would Be Scientists Unscientific

This is just a lesson in why you should not use Wikipedia without verifying its sources. If you don't it will just make you look dumb. I always laughed when I heard the groans from my classmates when the professors said on the first day of class that Wikipedia does not count as a source and should never be used as a source. One prof. threatened to fail you in his class if he discovered you used Wikipedia.

Newspaper: Sapienza Protesters Needed to Fact-Check: (from Article)
"If before rushing to express their solidarity with the 67, one of the 1,479 would have verified the affirmation [of the original letter], they would have discovered that the one who wrote the letter took the citation of Ratzinger's discourse from the entry Papa Benedetto XVI in Wikipedia, the well-known Internet encyclopedia, composed by its users, which no scientific person uses as an exclusive source of his investigations, without carefully verifying its credibility," L'Osservatore Romano noted.

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