Monday, March 17, 2008

A Nice Piece of Ashe

The Rainbow s(ASH) Movement (RSM), an organization that supports certain gay issues that are in opposition to biblical and church teaching, is encouraging its emembers and supporters to greet the Pope by throwing ashes* and blowing whistles at the Pope during his visit to the USA this upcoming April.

In other news, the lay faithful are being encourage to bring small personal fans, large oscilating fans, and ear plugs for when the Rainbow Sash Movement starts hurling ashes and blowing their own whistles. The faithful are also being ask to pray for a strong wind that puts the RSM downwind from the Papal activities during the Holy Father's public appearances.

*It is ironic that the RSM doesn't even know that Ashes are not a sign for greeting a sinner. Ashes are a sign a sinner willing dons as part of their act of repentance. Repentance cannot be forced upon another by throwing ashes at another. Ashes alone does not make repentance. Also, shouldn't a sinner be welcomed with open arms? Isn't that what Jesus would do. After all, Christ came for the sick and ill.

1 comment:

The Crescat said...

this is the funniest post title I've read in years... only 2nd to "Smeagol!!!!"

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