Monday, March 03, 2008

Sin Makes You Stupid

No, it really does. As it is written in the Catholic Encyclopedia, the
effects of sins are: remorse of conscience (Wisdom 5:2-13); an inclination towards evil, as habits are formed by a repetition of similar acts; a darkening of the intelligence, a hardening of the will (Matthew 13:14-15; Romans 11:8); a general vitiating of nature, which does not however totally destroy the substance and faculties of the soul but merely weakens the right exercise of its faculties.

Not only that, I think it might just make you crazy too. Here is an example. It is about a lady, Misha Defonseca, who wrote a book that millions believed to be true. She survived the holocaust, traveled 1,900 miles to find her parents whom were taken by the Nazis, killed a German soldier in self defense, and was adopted by a pack of wolves in the woods all at the age of 4.

As interesting of a story she may have penned, it was all fiction. There were no wolves, killed Nazis, or anything of the sort. When she was confronted and questioned regarding many 'facts' in her book, Misha Defonseca eventually broke and revealed the truth, but only after making sure there was no way she could keep face while mounds of evidence piled against her story. Her response:
This story is mine. It is not actually reality, but my reality, my way of surviving,
In other words, Defonseca made a false reality into her reality. She succeeded in living out a mad mad irrational reality. That is, what good is it to not live in reality but instead to construct a reality that is all your own? This sounds like a fitting definition of insanity. Not only did she not live in reality, but she hurt many in the process.

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