Friday, March 07, 2008

VOTE A&Y in 2008

So, how do you know Alive and Young is a good, morally sound Catholic blogger? What exactly do you know about the A&Y Blog? Well, Alive and Young took the time to fill out a small profile, so the voters will be more informed as to who A&Y is:
Hometown: Blogger, The World Wide Web

Major/Minor/Concentration: Alive and Young majored in General Studies in College. That means Alive and Young can speak about most things generally or majorly speak about all general things.

Extra Curricular Activities/Clubs, etc. in college: Around the World with St. Louis de Montfort, Box Builders Anonymous, People with long last names but abbreviate it, Air Guitar RAWKERS (Because to Air is human: to Air Guitar is divine) and like Colbert, Alive and Young Teaches Sunday School!

What kinds of things are you up to in your Catholic parish? Alive and Young is hard at work in developing the donut ministry to a level never before imagined. No longer are there stale donuts. Now there is only warm freshly glazed donuts and steaming fresh coffee. A&Y currently working with catechesis, Middle School and High School Youth Groups, Confirmation, RCIA, etc… A&Y even move tables, rearrange furniture, dig ditches, and translate ethnic slurs for the Mexican immigrants. On the weekends, A&Y entertain the elderly ladies in the parish with his sensual obey playing, leap tall buildings in a single bound, and conducts experiments based on Einsteinium physics and how the theory of relativity effects the Aboriginal people of Australia after the Sydney Olympics. Last week A&Y discovered the meaning of life but forgot to write it down.

Hopes/Ideas for future if you win: Continue blogging and promote all things Catholic. Encounter the modern world. Show people that you don’t have to be awkward, nerdy, and uncool, to be a Christian. Alive and Young has great great plans if selected to represent the Catholic blogosphere. But of course Alive and Young will continue to laugh at himself, as if you cannot laugh at your self then you probably shouldn’t be laughing at all. Likewise Alive and Young will continue to speak with himself as, like laughing, if you can’t speak with yourself then you probably aren’t worth speaking with. A&Y also promises, that if A&Y wins, A&Y will work on A&Y's grammar, syntax, and grammar.

Alive and Young has national goals too: If A&Y wins, A&Y plans on decreasing inflation, requiring companies to put matching number of hot dog buns in the bread bags that corresponds to the number of hot dogs in a pack, establishing a mandatory National rest hour in America that will last for approximately 90 min right after lunch, and exile all Debbie Downers and Nay Sayers to a small island off the coast of Alaska where they will establish colonies and engage in combat for dominance over said small Alaskan island.

Favorite Quote(s): “Stop Whining” –Arnold; “Misers get up early in the morning; and burglars, I am informed, get up the night before.” – Chesterton

Preferred Caffeine Conductor
: Black Coffee and the occasional Coke.

Favorite Dessert
: Pralines (pronounced PRAW-lean)

Celebrity appearance that would ruin your surprise 28th Birthday party:
Parish Hilton.

Celebrity appearance that would highlight your surprise 28th Birthday party:
John Carney (former kicker for the New Orleans Saints)

Number of times you have locked your keys in your car:
10. I’m only human.

Song choice for background music during your entrance if you were in a major motion picture:
The Godfather theme.

Favorite Dance:
Shoe Size: 12.5

Favorite Author:

Favorite Book:
The Hobbit

Favorite Movie:
A Man for All Seasons (the 1966 version)

Favorite Activity:
Laughing and Sleeping
Vote Alive and Young in 2008 or risk certain damnation.


Jenny said...

GK and JR are going to have a fist fight over your divided loyalties...

Jenny said...
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