Thursday, April 10, 2008

50 Greatest Comedy Sketches of All-time

Clearly this list of the 50 greatest comedy sketches of all-time is highly biased as we have no records of ancient cave-man humor, which for all we know might be far superior than any of the modern humor we have now. Though, I've heard it reported by smarter people that the early formulation of the "Why did the chicken cross the road?" joke dates back to an early prehistoric formula that initially used other animals such as the saber tooth tiger, the duck-bill platypus, the alligator, and John McCain. The duck was eventually universally settled on as the protagonist for this joke due to the migratory patterns that the fowl exhibited during the spring and fall seasons. It is also uncertain as to how the 'road' fits into this prehistoric formulation, as early cave-sketches illustrating the joke do not depict any roads, just fields, trails, paths, and rivers.

It is believe that comedy sketches developed from the age old maxim that states "you don't have to be faster than the animal chasing you, you only need be faster than the slowest person in your group" which stinks if you are the slowest person in your group. Stand up comedy, which pre-dates comedy sketches and are theorized to be precursor to the comedy sketch, are believed to have been used to distract a group/party member so that the person telling the joke can make his escape from certain doom. I.E
"Hey Ug, what is big, green, has bad breath, razor sharp claws, and if it fell out of a tree on top of you it would kill you?"
"I don't know Gug. What?"
"I don't know either but, it's right behind you!" (Ug makes fast escape while Gug turns sheepishly around to meet certain doom by the big green thing with bad breath and razor sharp claws.)
It was only after several encounters like the above that early man started sharing 'jokes' at the end of their hunting day that was used in the hunting parties so that they could escape becoming dinner for some wild animal. Somewhere along the way, after developing and collecting a variety of said stories, early man began 'standing up' surrounded by his friends to tell of his strategies and 'jokes' he used in hunting in order to ensure the survival of certain party members. It is believed that this is premise for the early formulation of Darwin's lesser know theory, aptly named "Survival of the Wittiest". The shared jokes often brought much laughter and was later determined to relive stress after a long day of hunting. It is believed that 30 seconds after the first stand-up comedy routine was finished the first critic came on the scene.

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