Tuesday, April 01, 2008

For All Chestertonians

This sounds interesting. It is from the Email Bag:

Hello Fellow Chesterton Lovers:

Following in the footsteps of author Maureen Wittmann, who started two Yahoo groups devoted to getting the books you want in your local library, (PopeSaintNicholasV Library Connection for Catholic titles; and HomeschoolLibraryConnection for homeschooling titles) I've started a GKChestertonLibraryConnection Yahoo group.

The idea is to suggest Chesterton or Chesterton-related books that you and your readers are interested in. The group members get all of the information they need to take to their local library (this can often be done at the library's web site, too) and suggest the title for library purchase. This way, not only the library patron can enjoy a new Chesterton title, but other library patrons, who might not otherwise discover Chesterton at their library. Many can now be introduced to this great author.

As taxpayers, we are already invested in our local libraries. Why not have our library work for us by helping it make good purchases? Our local libraries want our input, but hardly anyone actually gets as far as making a book purchase suggestion. With GKChestertonLibraryConnection, it's easy.

I do all the work, and I am the only one who can post. I send out a book, DVD, audio work, novel, magazine, or non-fiction title about once a week, and the group members can suggest it if interested at their library. Most libraries need title, author, publisher, ISBN numbers, and they often purchase through amazon.com so the amazon page is also helpful. I gather all this information and send it out in one neat email.

I'm interested in promoting this group so that we can try to get more Chesterton in our libraries. Any help you can give in announcing the new Yahoo group is greatly appreciated.

Join GKChestertonLibraryConnection Yahoo group today.

Nancy Brown
American Chesterton Society Blog

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