Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Gospel According to Obama

In the beginning was Obama, and the Momma was with Obama, and the Momma was from Kenya. Obama was with the Momma and the Momma was with Obama, and they were as one in the Bahamas with Obama and Momma doing a samba. From there the Momma sent forth a man, and it was Obama, who came riding on a llama it was Obama. He came forth acting like the dali lama. Division was not from his Momma it is what he wants to end, he does the Obama. It was Obama that led the way, and guarantees that Osama will never over come Obama and his Momma.

I really wish people would stop painting Obama as the savior. Then again, he already did liken himself as a new Joshua leading the people into the promise land. I some times feel like he is the political version of Buddy Jesus or a person who is more fair and even more fowl. It is creepy how people are painting him as a messianic figure. I don't believe in change. No one should believe in change. You should believe in Christ. Change doesn't and can't promise anything. To paraphrase Chesterton: As enunciated by Obama, 'change' is simply a comparative of which we have net settled the superlative. No body has any business to use the word 'change' unless he has a definite creed and a cast-iron code of morals.

I'm not saying I support the other guy. I'm just saying that all this messianic Obama talk is giving me the willies.

Plus I plan to write in Colbert for President.

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Tony said...

I really wish people would stop painting Obama as the savior.

Well, let's look what happened to the first Savior and how it parallels Obama.

A couple of months ago, he was top of the charts, riding into American living rooms on an ass (donkey... symbol of the Democrat party) admid cheers and adulation.

A couple of weeks ago, we see Obama before the chief priests and scribes being tried for his associations with Rev. Wright and Ayres... not to mention the bitter gun-totin' religious goobers comment.

The next thing we should expect is the scourging... then the walk up the hill... well... you know the rest.

I don't think there will be an Easter Sunday in Obama's future.

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