Sunday, April 27, 2008

Jenny and Tyler

Last week I found myself studying late at a local coffee shop that recently started an open mic night. I didn't know about the open mic night, otherwise I would have gone some place else, but I am very glad I didn't know about this open mic night. While I was studying a couple stepped up to the mic and began singing. I thought to myself, "alright they have one good song. Most semi talented people can make at least one good song." However, as they continued, their lyrics and harmony pulled me away from studying for my comps and I found myself closing my books and just listening. I very much enjoyed their short concert.

Their duo is called Jenny and Tyler. Clicking on their name will bring you to their website. There you can hear some samples of their CD, which is available for purchase on iTunes. I won't bore you with saying they are a blend of this band with that band and another band divided by the sum integers of the square of their combined ages. I'm just going to recommend that you check out their site and give a little listen to their music, and if you are in the DE area you should check them out. I will say, they did sound better live, but the CD is still enjoyable.

1 comment:

Karen said...

Thanks for the recommendation. I like them a lot! :D

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