Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Not Another Anti-Catholic Movie

That's right. Another Anti-Catholic movie is in pre-production. The bases of the movie: the myth of Pope Joan. Luckily it is being made in Germany, so it will likely be ignored in the US. The funny thing is that there is no historical evidence for the existence of a woman masquerading as a man who became pope and gave birth during a papal procession. Second if the Catholic church were as Anti-Woman as certain parties claim, then the Catholic Church would have used the Pope Joan incident and discovery of her gender in her position to reaffirm the Church's position of the all-male priesthood.

Here is an article by Patrick Madrid that gives the low down on the Pope Joan myth.

Another possible origin of the Myth that Patrick does not go into is that the myth was created by protestants during the Middle Ages in an attempt to defame the Catholic Church to show all the non-Catholics that the Catholic Church had become so corrupt that it no longer knew what wass going within its walls so much so that the Catholic Church would let a woman be Pope. In other words, the story was actually anti-woman as the protestant version makes women out to be weak, timid, and unintelligent and not strong and powerful as some modern feminists like to believe.


Foxfier said...

This "proof" think you mention sounds like a Catholic consperacy!!!!1!1one!1


Anonymous said...

The Pope Joan story is interesting, regardless of its authenticity. The time period during which her supposed ascendancy took place was rife with corruption in the papacy - just as Patrick's article mentions (Theodora, et al) ... there were feuding popes, joint popes, child popes, etc.

Is the idea of a woman pope any worse than the idea of joint popes or the papacy being controlled by women (as it was by Theodora and daughter, Morozia)?

Patrick's article was fine but I wish he had chosen sources more recent than 1913!

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