Monday, April 21, 2008

Presidential Canidates on WWE!!!

Did anyone catch Hilary, Obama, and McCain on WWE Tonight (Monday)? I think this is a first. Now if they would only wrestle for real. That would be something to watch.

Hilary referenced the Rock's "The People's Elbow"

My Roommate called it in that Barack would say, "Can you smell what Barack is cookin?" paraphrasing the Rock's tag line "Can/If you smell what the Rock is coolin?"

McCain: "Watching WWE is about celebrating our freedom." McCain parodies Hulk Hogan's 'Hulkamania" and Calls his supporters "McCainiacs." Personally it sounded like McCain had experience in the wresteling arena.

Wolf Reports on it here with excerpts.


Larry Denninger said...

It would be entertaining, that's for sure. If McCain can endure five years as a POW, he'd have no problem taking on the Hill and Hussein at the same time.

And yes, I do smell what Barack is cookin' - it's called deep-fried liberalism: no matter how good it sounds, it's gonna kill ya!

Paul Cat said...

Actually LarryD, after watching McCain's performance on WWE last night, I'm starting to think that POW stands for Prince of Wrestling. He sounded like a seasoned wrestling veteran when he spoke.

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