Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Run for Vocations

From the email bag. I think this is a great idea. Running, prayer, discipline. Why not? I think Mark was the first runner for vocations. I just hope this group runs with clothes.

Dear friends and family-

This Saturday, May 3rd, I will be running in the Indianapolis Mini-Marathon! As part of this endeavor, I've joined up with about 80 other young adults from the Archdiocese of Indianapolis to pray for an increase of vocations to the sacred married life, sacred single life, priesthood and religious life throughout the world. This "Run for Vocations" Team was established to create an awareness of the need for a greater culture of holy vocations in our world. All the runners will wear shirts in the race which express this need:

Vocation... Everyone has one. What's yours?

With this in mind, all of us on the Run for Vocations Team are asking our family and friends to pledge, not money, but prayers! With your help, we can storm heaven with our prayers for vocations! If you'd be willing to make a pledge, and I hope all of you do :), you can just shoot me a quick email back with your pledge. The race is 13.1 miles so you may choose to pledge a rosary or particular prayer for each mile ran. For example, some people have been pledging one Hail Mary for each mile (rounding up to 14, of course) I run, or one rosary for the whole race, or an Our Father and Hail Mary for each mile, etc., etc.

Also, you can log onto our blog at and post your pledge there, or take a look at what people have been pledging thus far.

So please take a moment to pledge some prayers for vocations! Just reply to this email with your pledge, and I'll be sure to send you a gentle reminder on Friday to pray during Saturday's race. Thanks so much for your consideration of this worthy endeavor for the Lord and His Church. May we all "run the good race" out of love for Him!

John Paul

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Jeff Miller said...

Now if only those with priestly or religious vocations would stop running away from them.

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