Monday, June 09, 2008

10 Signs You Are at a Catholic Summer Camp

  1. Morning and night Prayer prayed every day.
  2. Before rejoining a game of Man Hunt, after being caught, you are required to pray a decade of the rosary for the souls in purgatory.
  3. Daily Mass, Rosary, and Benediction.
  4. You find the missing campers by the lake practicing the Salva Regina for nigh prayers.
  5. The campers pick team names like Benedict's Six, Catholics on Patrol, The Kyrigma Kids, and The Perichoresis Pack.
  6. Evening activity consists of a rousing game of "Conclave" where the campers take the role of cardinals and elect a Pope.
  7. Calling another "Henry VIII, Zwingli, and Sister Joan" are the most server form of insult.
  8. Charity is exemplified by choosing not the smack your opponent in the head with the dodge ball when another body part will suffice.
  9. Virtues are a key component to the Camp.
  10. You hear someone yell, "Last one there is a Martin Luther."


The Crescat said...

last one in is a heretic!

Irenaeus said...

Catholics have summer camp? I thought that was a Prot thing.

Joe of St. Thérèse said...


Laura said...

Did you write this?
Can I post it as YOURS on my blog?
I love it.

Anonymous said...

What camp did you work at???
I didn't know there were Catholic camps in LA!

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