Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The ABC's of Who's Going to Hell

Apparently everyone is. That is, according to the LSU Union Preachers. (This Video is NOT Politically Correct.)


Meredith Gould said...

Your stuff never fails to crack me up laughing. Guess I'll go to hell for that, too.

Bold Radish said...

For those of us who have not experienced LSU Union Preachers, here's a link to an article about them:

Free Speech Alley - Louisiana State University

The above pictures [link below], taken from The Daily Reveille, show Brother Britt Preaching at LSU's "Free Speech Alley" in the late 1980's.

Brother Britt began his open-air ministry at LSU and it continues today with Consuming Fire Fellowship's bi-weekly visits to campus to preach the gospel.

Criffton said...

How did I know what "C" was going to be?

Why is it Catholics generally make it onto the "Hell" lists? Are they just jealous?

esfere said...

I know it is fun to joke about these guys but here are some little known facts. Back in the late 90's, the leader, Britt Williams, tried to faith-heal his best friend. The friend died. Before that, he was trying to faith-heal his best friends son who also died. Recently, his wife gave birth to a severely brain-damaged baby boy because he convinced her that she should rely on faith instead of timely medical intervention and prenatal care (this after a previous history of problems in childbirth). He has been involved in at least two other serious botched faith-healings. He runs his organization like a cult, roaming around looking for the emotionally unstable to prey upon. Make fun of them if you want, but understand that these people cause real serious harm to those within their grasp.

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