Sunday, June 01, 2008

Into the Woods . . .

Sorry about the lack of updates over the past week. Moving, unpacking and studying for comps is kind of a priority at the moment.

Also, yesterday I got sucked into being a warm body at a 2 week summer camp somewhere in rural Louisiana. I was told all I have to do is be present. The camp needs an extra person to help adhere with diocesan policy. I understand that the camp is in a very quiet area free of all kinds of internet connections, so I should be able to hit the books hard for finals.

Translation: I most likely will not be updating the blog for a good two weeks.

Prayers are appreciated for both the summer camp and my studying. I'll have a Not Said By Jesus Sunday up before I leave.

1 comment:

The Ironic Catholic said...

Just think of yourself as a desert father, studying in the austere wilderness. Oh, right, those young-uns. Angels sent by God, you know.

Avoid the skeeters.

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